Global command and control room/PSAP market to reach $7 billion by 2019

According to a recently published IHS report (Command and Control Rooms/PSAPs Market – 2015) the global market for command and control room technologies and services is projected to exceed $7 billion by 2019.

As expectations towards emergency response change, further development of control rooms will be critical to handle the capabilities of future technologies. Along with changing legislation and initiatives such as Next Generation 911 and 112 and FirstNet, the market has become more dynamic, offering tremendous opportunity to suppliers who can enhance current technology. Due to demand from major multinational LMR solution providers, the IHS Critical Communications team initiated and has continued research on the command and control room market covering its three biggest verticals: public safety, transportation and utilities.

Because of the variation in the regional command and control room markets, IHS splits the study by region: Asia, EMEA, Latin America, and North America. Each report analyzes the revenues of critical control room technologies including CAD, GIS, voice dispatch, and others as well as various types of services. Additionally, IHS measures the installed base of control room systems and seats on a country by country basis.

Each major region has unique trends with regard to command and control, a few of which stand out among the major findings. Across public safety, transportation, and utilities is an increasing interest in analytical applications and data analysis. IHS has observed a number of tenders surrounding CAD solutions for instance, where law enforcement agencies have desired a wider range of data inputs and applications. A second trend, in more mature markets, is a movement toward service-oriented tenders due to the desire to optimize current technologies. As such, services have become a substantial part of the market in these regions. Finally, there is huge growth potential across technologies and services in the Indian and Chinese markets, which IHS believes will increase to approximately $929 million in 2019.

Alexander Richardson

Market Research Analyst II, Critical Communications
IHS Technology
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