Germany and Sweden successfully test cross-border digital radio communications

Germany and Sweden conducted a successful test of cross-border communications in the Baltic Sea south of Sweden on 23 November 2010. The German forces successfully tested use of the German and Swedish networks and communication between the German and Swedish security authorities and their command and control centres.

This test is a joint project of the Swedish and German security authorities. Participating in the test were Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), responsible for digital radio, the Swedish coast guard and the police. Participants on the German side were the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organizations (BDBOS) and the Federal Police.

“Communicating across borders without difficulty is a crucial factor enabling the Federal Police to carry out their tasks at sea effectively,” said Matthias Seeger, president of the Federal Police Headquarters. In technical terms, the German security authorities migrated their terminals into the Swedish network in the region around Ystad and Trelleborg, Sweden. To do so, both countries temporarily linked their TETRA networks during the test.

“This field test proved that the key services of BOS digital radio function across borders,” explained BDBOS President Rolf Krost after the test was completed. “I am confident that this will promote the development of an open interface connecting TETRA digital radio networks across Europe, enabling permanent connections between networks.”

The test provided valuable technical insights for future seamless, cross-border communications between police, fire and rescue services. Bordered by nine countries, Germany is especially interested in this kind of cross-border cooperation.

Germany’s BOS digital radio network is designed to accommodate communications traffic of 500,000 users. This digital radio network is already in operation in many regions, and users are satisfied with the advantages of the new technology, including its good sound quality. The BDBOS is responsible for building, operating and ensuring the operability of the nationwide harmonized BOS digital radio network.

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