• Genaker, the Spanish Company which sells professional and secure mobile communications solutions globally, has its HQ in Spain and was set up in 2004 by 4 of the Nokia R+D Centre Directors after it closed in 2003.
  • Genaker awarded grant of 1.3m euros for innovation from the Horizon 2020 Programme with the highest score of the 2000 participating companies.
  • Genaker will use the grant to bring its Mission Critical Push-To-Talk solution to market faster.
  • Genaker competes globally with Industry giants (Motorola, Airbus, Huawei) and provides its solutions in 15 countries in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Genaker’s objective is to become the European market leader in the sector.
  • Genaker is a success story in crisis affected Spain.

Barcelona, 8th February 2017.Genaker, the Spanish Company and member of TCCA which sells professional and secure mobile communications services globally and is a spin-off of the Nokia R+D centre in Spain, has received a 1.3m euro grant from the EU for innovation from the Horizon 2020 programme. Genaker received the highest score of more than 2000 participating companies. The grant will accelerate Genaker’s product evolution to deliver fast integrated voice, data and video mobile communications for critical operations’ teams, capable of running reliably on almost any network and under poor coverage conditions.  Solutions like these are much in demand in the industry where many of the walkie talkie radios are becoming obsolete. The future for the industry is for specially equipped mobile phone terminals to work on 4G networks.

Founded by Miquel Teixidor (CEO) and ex Managing Director of the Nokia R+D Centre in Spain which closed in 2003, as well as 7 other directors and engineers of the Finnish company, Genaker, a private and independent company, was born as a global start-up. The idea was to carry on doing what they did at Nokia; develop state-of-the-art mobile solutions and sell them to customers in the professional radio sector in Europe and the rest of the world.  And they haven’t done badly.  Their objective is to become European market leader in the sector after having consolidated their business in Spain and other countries and competing with industry giants.  They have the know-how and experience to do so. Proof comes from their having won many contracts whilst competing with industry giants such as Huawei, Motorola or Airbus in Europe, North American, Asia and Africa.

Their strategy is to consolidate their leadership in Europe with a better market solution for critical communications which includes the so-called and ongoing “smart factory” or 4.0 Industry process in different sectors (chemical, petrochemical, utilities, airlines) as well as critical communication for the public sector (local police forces, emergency services, ..).

Genaker can be considered a success story in crisis affected Spain as well as the story of how a group of ex Nokia engineers and directors formed their own company with their know-how and experience, consolidating sales in a highly competitive market.

CEO, Miquel Teixidor expressed his pride and satisfaction with receiving the European Union Grant for innovation, saying: “it will allow Genaker to play in the “Champions League” in the sector of the new generation of mobile professional and secure radios”.

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