Gdansk buses and trams move to Sepura

Gdansk buses and trams move to Sepura

11 December 2008 – Sepura has won a contract to supply radios for the buses and trams in the city of Gdansk in Poland.

Sepura’s market-leading SRG3500 TETRA vehicle radios and GPS location technology represents a significant advance for a transport service that serves 175 million passengers a year.

The order follows other recent sales wins for Sepura in Eastern Europe in Russia, Hungary and Macedonia.

The SRG3500 offers reliable communication through voice or data even in areas of poor coverage, thanks to its unique 10 watts RF power, and will increase efficiency and provide the latest travel information to passengers at each stop.

Another market-leading feature is the SRG3500’s support for dual control consoles, one at each end of the trams, to serve driving in either direction without moving the radio system.

GPS technology embedded in each radio enables the control centre to track each vehicle via TETRA, providing location information which keeps drivers informed of potential delays and passengers updated on arrival and departure times.
Introduction of this technology follows substantial investment, which has also included new buses, trams and ticketing machines – all measures to make the service more efficient.

The contract was secured by Sepura’s partner, Icom Poland, whose Director, Marcin Piasecki, said: “This system will improve considerably the operational efficiency of Gdansk’s buses and trams. It will keep everyone to be informed in real-time, including the management, drivers, and, most importantly, the passengers.”

Kenneth Hubner, Regional Director for Sepura, added: “This sales win further enforces the value of our market-leading products, and offers a positive impact to a transport service. The contract further highlights our progress in Eastern Europe where we have won a succession of new business.

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