Frost & Sullivan Award Recognises Sepura’s Leadership in TETRA Radio Market

Frost & Sullivan Award Recognises Sepura’s Leadership in TETRA Radio Market

Frost & Sullivan presents the 2006 Market Leadership Award to Sepura for its TETRA range of radios. Since emerging as a vendor of TETRA terminals in 2002, the U.K.-based company has risen rapidly to gain leadership status in the market. Despite heavy competition from established participants, Sepura experienced triple-figure revenue growth over the past four years and is one of the three companies that collectively control more than 90 per cent of the TETRA radio market.

“Sepura’s success comes from a strong dedication to TETRA terminals and unmatched customer support,” says Frost & Sullivan Consulting Analyst Georgios Oikonomakis. “As the only dominant network-independent supplier of TETRA terminals, Sepura has achieved its leadership position on a platform of product differentiation, a thorough understanding of customer and end-user demands and a series of strategic partnerships in product distribution and after-sales support.”

Sepura offers terminals to all market verticals where TETRA has been adopted. This includes public safety services (police, ambulance and fire) transportation, utilities and militaries.

“Apart from vertical expansion, the company has grown geographically, following the rollout of TETRA networks in non-European regions”, adds Mr. Oikonomakis. “Reflecting this trend, more than two-thirds of Sepura’s current revenue derives from international markets.”

While Sepura is not involved in TETRA network infrastructure, it has chosen to focus on user functionality and features. The company’s offerings comprise vehicular and hand-held radios in all designated TETRA frequency ranges with optional, built-in GPS receiver – a feature that Sepura introduced to the market.

“Whereas its competitors follow a “one model serves all” strategy regarding TETRA terminals, Sepura’s success derives from the understanding that different customers have very different communication needs,” observes Mr. Oikonomakis. “The company’s portfolio of TETRA radios is unrivalled by any other competitor and currently consists of five core vehicular and hand-held models.”

Through local partnerships, Sepura offers its customers a range of superior after-sale services ranging from repair and maintenance to consulting and project management. Its unique TETRA scope and range of partnerships allows it to monitor end-user requirements and feedback efficiently – an achievement its principal competitors are unable to match due to their broader focus areas.

The Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award is presented to the company that has exhibited excellence in all areas of the market leadership process, including the identification of market challenges, drivers and restraints as well as strategy development and methods of addressing these market dynamics. Furthermore, the company has continually demonstrated solutions for monitoring market changes and for implementing superior market strategies, thereby establishing itself as the market share leader in its respective industry.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

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About Sepura:
Sepura is a world leading supplier of TETRA radio terminals. It designs, develops and supplies digital TETRA radios for the public safety market (such as police, fire and ambulance) as well as Military, Transport and Utilities. Sepura headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has an international network of distributors and partners supplying organisations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Sepura offers the most comprehensive and largest international range of TETRA products, available in the widest range of TETRA radio frequency bands and successfully operating on all manufacturers’ network infrastructures.

Sepura’s product portfolio comprises vehicle-mounted and hand-held radios, the world’s most popular covert radios, 10 Watt mobile gateways and the most advanced programming support tool on the TETRA market today – Radio Manager. Amongst the many options available with these radios are the multi-award winning fully-integrated sGPS™ receiver and the most comprehensive range of air interface and End-to-End encryption algorithms.

About TETRA:
TETRA is the acronym for TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, a world-wide standard for digital private mobile radios developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). TETRA has the advantage of being spectrum efficient whilst also offering the end user improved voice quality, secure encrypted communication and comprehensive data capabilities.

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