From the TWC 2008: Industry committed to TEDS development

From the TETRA World Congress 2008
Industry committed to TEDS development

Joint industry Statement of Direction for TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) Chinese version PDF 

Professional mobile radio users in the public safety, transportation and utility segments have a growing need to move from voice centric to data centric operations. In this context, data becomes equally mission critical as voice is today. This in turn translates to the common TETRA user requirements of reliability, availability and security. Therefore a dedicated TETRA network is the perfect environment to provide mission critical high speed data for wide area use.

The TEDS specification by ETSI is wide and covers versatile functionality for data communication. Therefore it is in the interest of both users and manufacturers that the implementation will be completed, tested and released in phases in order to be able to deliver to users the functionality they most urgently need as soon as possible. Furthermore, in this way the content of the phases as well as the ETSI TEDS standard can be better adapted to the field operational requirements as they evolve

It is recognised that the TEDS implementation from multiple vendors has to be agreed at a considerable level of detail. The TETRA Association’s Technical Forum is currently working on the TEDS TETRA Interoperability Profile (TIP) specifications. This ensures that any proprietary implementations are avoided.

The parties below have agreed this statement with the purpose of accelerating the development of TEDS functionality in their TETRA products. The companies have decided to announce their commitment to implement the TETRA Enhanced Data Service, which will comply to the ETSI TEDS standard and with the TIP specifications jointly agreed in the TETRA Association. Their implementations will provide an open air interface and all companies are committed to perform the necessary IOP (interoperability) testing with other TETRA vendors. In addition they will provide support for any conceptual clarifications of the standard needed and TIP specifications as well as for early phase testing to enable rapid interoperable product availability on the market. The targeted timetable for multi-vendor product offering is in 2010.

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