FREQUENTIS USA’s PROTECTTM Continues NG911 i3 Leadership PROTECTTM System Release 1.4

Frequentis USA, a leading provider of NG911 and digital command and control center solu-tions, is pleased to announce the new release of the communication and information system PROTECT™ 1.4. The latest system release continues the build-out of features and reliability on the fully i3 compliant PROTECT™ call handling platform.

New features enhance the NG911 call takers’ experience making their stressful jobs easier. One of these features allows call takers to filter waiting calls by type, to more efficiently handle large call vol-umes. Another feature enhances the call takers’ abilities to save annotated calls using the callback number. PROTECT™ 1.4 also includes a new routing algorithm called “Routing Points” allowing calls to be routed via call taker/user roles or to other facilities, thereby upgrading system flex-ibility and reducing time in getting emergency calls to the right people quickly. Routing points enables furthermore call routing to outside agencies easing deployment of regionally cooperating systems. Re-lease 1.4 provides more flexibility to supervisors’ quality assurance in the PSAP (public-safety answer-ing point). This improved customer service offers PSAP administrators the ability to better service the public.

PROTECT™ Release 1.4 also contains upgrades of the Frequentis web-based PROTECT™ Manage-ment Information System (MIS). Reports are added to provide the number of manual ALI rebids a call taker initiates while not on a call (location information). Another show the number of times a supervisor initiated functions such as Silent Monitoring, Intervening, and Grab Call. The MIS also makes it easy to determine peak call volume by day, hour, and minute for a given time period. Since MIS is web-based it allows administrators the freedom to configure the system remotely through a secure connection. Fully integrated with Active Directory, the MIS offers greater facility security by providing rotating and com-plex passwords for different user logins. In working closely with customers Frequentis also developed and delivered a “fair share” report allowing administrators to track the number of calls each operator answers in a given time period to provide better customer service and to help facilities comply with contractual obligations.

In April 2015 Frequentis successfully upgraded two sites in Jacksonville, Florida, to the PROTECT™ 1.4 platform. The sixty positions Frequentis PROTECT™ geo-diverse solution handles over 5,000 calls per day keeping the citizens of Jacksonville and visitors “protected”.

“Mission Critical Communications is what we do at Frequentis USA”, said Thomas Haschberger, Chairman of Frequentis USA. “Our passion is to ensure communications for public-safety answering points are maintained at all times. We understand our customer’s mission to save lives and property 24/7”.


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