FREQUENTIS to equip Hamburg’s police and fire control rooms with multimedia communication system

The city of Hamburg, Germany, represented by the Ministry of the Interior and Sport, selected Frequentis to install a new communication system for both the police and fire services. Frequentis will deliver its multimedia communication system, 3020 LifeX™, enabling uniform communication across telephone and digital radio, as well as preparing them for the future integration and use of multimedia contact, including text, webchat and social media calling and messaging.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, after Berlin, and home to approximately 1.8 million inhabitants, with its metropolitan region home to over five million. More than one million incoming calls must be handled by the control centers of fire services and police. The control room renewal project (in German Projekt ERneuerung LEitstellen – PERLE) will provide the two emergency services with a modern technical control room solution, in order to meet the organisations current and future requirements, as well as increase safety for citizens of and visitors to Hamburg.

“We were impressed with the innovative solution concept that Frequentis had demonstrated to us, especially the multimedia functionality that will prepare us for the future needs of the emergency services, increasing the efficiency and operator convenience as well as public emergency contact,” said Eiko Hinrichs group leader of PERLE  – firefighter and engineer for communication technology. “It gave  us a great pleasure, to gain Frequentis as a very experienced and reliable partner for the implementation of our new communication system“.

3020 LifeX™ is a future-oriented public safety communication and collaboration software designed to fulfil the demands of a next generation control room (on premises or hosted) that requires multimedia contact handling for telephony as well as radio for future cross-coupling of these technologies. Its sophisticated, modular architecture integrates a variety of systems with various protocols and can flexibly exchange or upgrade them without compromising ongoing operations.

The technology for Hamburg Fire and Police will be located in two central data centres and in two control centres, accommodating more than 220 workstations. The Frequentis communication system will integrate with the customer’s computer aided dispatch solution and the geographical information system, enabling geolocation and thus assisting operators with efficient call handling and resource allocation.

“Receiving this contract during the COVID-19 lockdown period in Germany shows customers trust in Frequentis. We also commend customers who have future-orientated outlooks, considering not only the current needs of their service but also future changes and required functionality,”, says Robert Nitsch, Frequentis Vice President Public Safety. “3020 LifeX™ focusses on increasing operator performance and harmonising communication and collaboration without being bound to a physical location. We are pleased to be supporting the City of Hamburg’s police and fire services with this task and their future development strategy.”

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