FREQUENTIS supports UK Home Office and Emergency Services in the transition to Emergency Services Network (ESN)

FREQUENTIS supports UK Home Office and Emergency Services in the transition to Emergency Services Network (ESN)

New approach to the delivery of ESN to increase confidence, ensure resilience and support swift deployment

Frequentis will work with the Home Office to ensure that Frequentis control room operators have access to a fully approved and easy to use interface into the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) for all their mission-critical communications. ESN will replace the current Airwave service used by the emergency services in Great Britain, enhancing mission critical voice and data services and providing a genuine multi-media platform.

The Frequentis multimedia communications platform, 3020 LifeX, is already being implemented for a number of police and emergency services organisations across the country and will be compatible with ESN when available. The Frequentis LifeX solution has been designed to allow emergency services operators to maximise the benefits of multimedia communications, not only to an officer, but it will also allow members of the public to share images and videos of incidents and to be analysed in real-time, when next generation 999 (NG999) becomes a standard.

The Frequentis development approach with the Home Office recognises and understands the importance of mission-critical data services delivered daily to the police, fire and ambulance customers in Great Britain. This sets a balance between the need for transition to the new network as soon as possible versus the need for testing the immediate reliability expected by users. With this approach, reliability as well as functionality can be delivered in a practical and realistic timescale in 2021.

“Frequentis understands the needs of its emergency services customers and is delighted to have agreed a solution with the Home Office that will enable our customers to realise the operational and business benefits offered by the ESN as soon as it is practical. Our wealth of experience and knowhow when it comes to delivering mission-critical technology and software globally will ensure delivery of a solution that meets customer and user expectations.”, says Andrew Madge, Managing Director Frequentis UK.

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