FREQUENTIS control system supports pilot emergency SMS service for users who are Deaf or have speech disorders in Norway

Emergency SMS (eSMS) is a newly launched safety service for text-based communication in an emergency, providing the ability to send an SMS directly to 110, 112 and 113 in Norway. The service is designed for users who are Deaf, hard of hearing or impacted by speech disorders.   

The Frequentis integrated communication and control system (ICCS) has been operational within Nødnett since 2016. The system can now support the new eSMS service, allowing pre-registered users to log emergencies by text. The system can receive messages sent to emergency numbers and will alert the ICCS operator. Messages can then be addressed with a series of questions via the ICCS or in Outlook to ensure enough information about the incident is gathered.

“Contacting the emergency services is crucial in an emergency, but not everyone can make a voice call. Emergency SMS makes everyday life safer for citizens who are Deaf, hard of hearing or impacted by speech disorders to directly contact skilled operators at the emergency centre in an emergency situation,” says Cecilie Daae, General Director of the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB).

eSMS is a pilot project led by DSB in cooperation with the National Police Directorate and the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The two-year pilot project will allow DSB and the emergency services to understand how the solution is used and how operational routines work. This will provide the basis for assessing how such a service could be organised in the future. eSMS will not replace today’s 1412 text service for emergency calls via text phone, but will work in parallel for a pilot period.

“Innovation from Frequentis is driven by customer need and we have ensured this new technology fits safety critical requirements, and has the ability to evolve based on future requirements. We are pleased to be working with DSB on this important service, supporting people with differing communication needs and look forward to the next steps and the potential for integrating social media tools”, says Oliver Ossege, Nødnett Key Account Manager and Managing Director of Frequentis Norway.

The Frequentis subsidiary in Norway was initially founded in April 2014 to look after the Nødnett account partnership. Frequentis Norway undertakes sales and customer support activities to a wide customer base within the public safety area, as well as coordinating all Norway related business activities.

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