FREQUENTIS communication and collaboration platform 3020 LifeX

Frequentis will present the topic “networked safety” for the very first time at PMRExpo, 28-29 November, using the example of a major incident.

The interactive presentation will demonstrate the high performance and added value of the state-of-the-art technology and mission-critical applications for citizens, emergency personnel, and decision-makers, under realistic conditions and in the context of a networked safety scenario. The wide use of communication devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, LTE and related mission-critical broadband applications make it possible to provide “networked safety” for everyone involved in an incident.

Using the example of severe weather conditions, Frequentis will demonstrate its Public Safety solutions, based on the multimedia collaboration platform 3020 LifeX. In this scenario, the latest technical solutions for mission-critical, cross-organisation communication between situation centres, mobile and stationary control centres of authorities and emergency services, as well as critical infrastructure providers. The benefits include increased protection of citizens and emergency personnel and the protection against threats as well as the reduction of damage.

Mission-critical broadband applications in the event of a “large-scale incident”

The assumptions for a scenario of severe weather conditions are based on the experiences of experts gained from previous large-scale emergencies in Germany and the knowledge Frequentis has obtained through participation in the European security research project EPISECC. The scenario shows the possible impact heavy storms might have on critical infrastructures and communication systems for Emergency Services.

Relevant real-time data is of fundamental importance for the efficient management of the emergency forces during large-scale incidents. 3020 LifeX supports their aggregation, preparation, and distribution. The real-time situation common operational picture (COP) visualises the development and impact of a situation via different layers and then provides the information to authorised recipients via specific interfaces. 

Cross-organisational communication

Cross-organisational communication in terms of voice, data and video exchange between operators of critical infrastructures is essential, especially during large-scale emergencies. In the event of an evacuation of a main railway station, for instance, a coordinated approach – based on a common operational picture – is fundamental to protect human lives and limit damage.

In combination with the Frequentis Railway Emergency Management System (REM), 3020 LifeX supports the cross-organisational exchange of mission-relevant information between an Emergency Services control centre and the emergency management of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn.

Warning the population with KATWARN

In the event of a major incident, providing a prompt public warning is a core task for crisis management. KATWARN, a warning system developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS, is already in use in Germany and Austria and is also available for other European countries. As a cooperation partner of Fraunhofer FOKUS, Frequentis will demonstrate an integrated and efficient public warning via 3020 LifeX and KATWARN.

Additionally, Frequentis will present its latest applications such as the automatic “eCall“, the multimedia emergency call made via the Internet (NG112) as well as PTT for LTE (MCPTT) on mobile and stationary devices; especially the mobile radio standard LTE offers new possibilities in safety-critical broadband communication.

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