FREQUENTIS as Communication Hub at G7 Summit

The G7 summit took place on 7 and 8 June 2015 at Schloss Elmau in Bavarian Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Frequentis was able to provide support for the event. The Austrian high-tech enterprise delivered their Public Safety Business Unit’s voice communication system, which was employed as the primary instrument of communication by the Bavarian Police for their security measures.

Frequentis is an international provider of communication and information systems for command and control centres dealing with safety-critical tasks. The voice communication system delivered merged the operation of the analogue radio and the digital radio wired connection that was employed for the first time in Bavaria. This made it possible to control the different channels of communication via a joint, operator-friendly user interface. The use of the voice and data services of the German tap-proof BOS digital radio network was of the highest priority for the Bavarian Police in order to optimally direct the entire emergency services personnel. In total, about 280 operator positions in Rosenheim and Garmisch-Partenkirchen were equipped with Frequentis technology. At peak times, up to 17,000 deployed relief units were directed via the system.

The preparations for a stable security concept took only about one year of work together with the planning staff in Munich. The scope of operations extended far beyond Southern Bavaria, including areas across the border in Austria. The voice communication system by Frequentis was designed to deal with these requirements as well, and was capable of transnational deployment.
The primary command and control centre for the summit was located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and was created entirely for police purposes, incorporating, in part, existing buildings and areas. Consequently, the technical challenges were accompanied by others in the areas of construction and logistics.

The Bavarian Police was already very satisfied with the technology from Frequentis during the command post exercise. This exercise provided practice working with the schedule of the summit based on realistic deployment simulations and emergency scenarios. Various different emergency and fall-back situations were tested.

“Our work together with Frequentis went very well and was highly professional. All of the requirements were met and implemented within the allotted time and to our fullest satisfaction. After the visit by the pope and the Football World Cup in previous years, the G7 summit was yet another significant large-scale event for which a reliable partner is of great importance to us,” said Walter Wust, head of the I&K department at the Upper Bavarian Police Headquarters.

Frequentis has numerous large-scale project references on record in this regard. “We are pleased to have supported the Bavarian Police during this large-scale event, applying our expertise from the G7 financial summit in Dresden at the end of May 2015 as well as from the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and Athens in 2004. Our systems have been developed specially for safety-critical applications and are therefore ideally suited for operations of this nature,” confirmed Robert Nitsch, Director of Public Safety at Frequentis. 

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