French Operator SFR Introduces Broadband Push-to-Talk Service from Motorola Solutions

French Operator SFR Introduces Broadband Push-to-Talk Service from Motorola Solutions

PARIS – SFR, the second-largest telecommunications operator in France, has chosen Motorola Solutions to provide the network provider with a third generation partnership project (3GPP) mission critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) solution. The next-generation broadband PTT service will be delivered by SFR through its nationwide network, enabling customers to improve operational efficiency, accelerate business productivity and enhance customer service.

Motorola Solutions’ network-integrated, mission-critical broadband PTT solution is a next-generation unified communications platform that will offer SFR customers high-quality, instant voice communication – leveraging SFR’s full network capacity. The PTT service connects individuals and groups instantly over SFR’s LTE network and includes a large set of enhanced multimedia services, such as push-to-video, push-to-text, geo-location and geo-fencing.

The mission-critical broadband PTT service also offers integration options with

existing two-way radio networks used by public safety and commercial organisations, allowing users to extend PTT communications beyond the coverage boundaries of their radio system and to add new user groups that would typically not carry two-way radios. In addition, the SFR offering will also include Motorola Solutions’ rugged LTE LEX 11 device suite designed for mission-critical operations. These technologies come together to create a highly reliable, end-to-end solution spanning from the platform through the network to devices.

The new broadband PTT service is suitable for use across multiple sectors, such as transportation, construction, utilities, healthcare, public services and industrial environments. It also supports emergency services and can be easily scaled to securely add new internal staff or third-party partners, enabling rapid response to changing needs or developing situations. 

French National Railway SNCF is the first broadband PTT customer in France

SFR recently won the DIGIFIRST program tender launched by SNCF, the French national railway service, to evolve its professional mobile radio system capabilities with more advanced features and collaborate with broadband networks. The mission-critical broadband PTT service will be rolled out to the French national railway security and support teams responsible for coordinating the transport of millions of passengers each year, while ensuring passenger safety and that trains are moving efficiently at all times.

SNCF will start making the new technology available to its staff early this year. Paris and the adjacent Île-de-France region were first to get the upgrade.

“The new broadband PTT service will allow our business and government customers to take advantage of two way-radio-communication and broadband technologies over SFR’s leading LTE infrastructure”, said Gregory Rabuel, Executive Director at SFR Business. “As one of France’s leading specialists in telecoms and communications, SFR is committed to providing the very highest quality of service and reliability to its customers, especially as the technology is crucial in mission-critical situations.”

“We are very proud to be the chosen partner of SFR to roll out their nationwide broadband PTT service for their business and government customers”, added Kris Patel, vice president, Unified Communications at Motorola Solutions. “Our network-integrated broadband PTT platform delivers best-in-class performance in terms of cost efficiency, reliability, scalability, voice quality and the wide range of advanced features it offers. We are also delighted to see that SNCF has chosen SFR’s service based on our technology to keep their trains moving and passengers safe.” 

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