Free Sample Sessions – Introducing TETRA and LTE Mission Critical Communications

On behalf of TCCA, Wray Castle is hosting two free webinars on TETRA and LTE Mission Critical Communications, providing participants with an opportunity to expand their expertise in these areas and preview the training available from Wray Castle.

Wray Castle is a TCCA-approved training provider with a track record of delivering training to emergency responders, government departments, and defence organisations worldwide. These one-hour webinars will be delivered live online by leading subject experts.

TETRA System Overview 

(1st June, 3pm London, UK)

In this session, participants will be introduced to some of the insights from the two-day TETRA System Overview course. This course covers every aspect of a TETRA system, including the TETRA 1 and TETRA 2 standards, trunking fundamentals, service considerations, network planning, and architecture. Additionally, technical information about the TETRA radio interface is discussed.

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LTE Mission Critical Communications 

(8th June 3pm, London, UK)

The second session is intended for those interested in learning more about the innovations that will eventually replace TETRA. Understanding LTE and its capabilities will be critical for those involved in emergency services with telecoms – it will allow users to contribute to the broader conversation on the introduction of these new technologies, as well as upskill in preparation for a changeover.

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For future courses:15% discount for TCCA members

TCCA members who register and attend either webinar will qualify for a 15% Discount from the cost of any Live Virtual or On-Demand online training course from Wray Castle. You can explore our portfolio of technology training courses here.

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