Focus on 5G campus solutions: HMF founds Innovation Lab

Hytera Mobilfunk is setting sail for the future and expands its portfolio with innovative 4G/5G broadband solutions for enterprises and public authorities. To achieve this, the company has assembled a strong team of experts and launched the HMF Innovation Lab.

The Innovation Lab in Bad Münder, Germany, is where tomorrow’s communication solutions are created, individually adaptable to the evergrowing demands of both the present and the future. “We love change and set the pace. Our aim is to develop state-of-the-art, professional communication solutions of the latest generation, together with and for our customers” promises Martin Hucke, head of the newly founded HMF Innovation Lab.

State-of-the-art 5G campus solutions

A major focus of the Innovation Lab’s work is developing 5G campus solutions. The Innovation Lab team has already secured 5G frequencies for HMF and started work with great momentum. An innovative 5G campus model network is currently being created at the Bad Münder site in collaboration with partners and customers. In the future, HMF aims to become an established provider of 5G campus solutions on the market – and will offer its customers custom-fit broadband radio solutions for every application area with a comprehensive construction kit of components and services.

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