First quarter of operations successfully closed for TETRA Communications web portal

First quarter of operations successfully closed for TETRA Communications web portal

The Hague – The Netherlands – 21 October 2010 – The TETRA Internet portal, the first independent TETRA communications web portal has successfully closed its first quarter operations!

The company was launched in July of this year intending to support the TETRA communications industry by offering a web portal, where supply and demand are brought into contact with each other and which is exclusively focused on the TETRA communications market.Since being founded the company has profiled more than 320 companies, which offer a variety of solutions for the TETRA (Mission Critical) communications market. Companies included in the list are active in the field of TETRA manufacturing, distribution, consultancy, training and services.

Additionally the web portal provides daily updated TETRA news from around the world and has launched several other supporting websites such as and

Last month, the first issue of TETRAFlash was launched. The TETRA newsletter offers interesting articles and interviews and will be published every quarter from now on.

Gert Jan Wolf, founder and CEO of the company: “Since the start in July this year we’ve been able to welcome about 400 TETRA communication professionals as members of our portal”. All the members and visitors to our portal are able to browse it in their search for solutions and which could enhance their Mission Critical TETRA communications network. “The web portal was visited almost 10,000 times with an average of 5 pages per visit”.

Although there’s still a long way to go, in the short term the company is planning the introduction of additional and interesting services for individual members as well as for their third party industry partners. In addition, the browsing experience will continuously be improved and new features will already be added to the portal by next week to enable a faster and more efficient browsing of the website.

Many companies such as Motorola, Sepura, Teltronic, Portalify, AIR Radio, OTTO and Kolibri have already listed their company profiles and solutions. However, other (often smaller) companies,like TETRATab, Roger GPS, Stop Noise, Eptheca Global,which are not known globally as yet, are also showing their company profiles and solutions via the web portal.It’s especially for these smaller companies that the portal is a great way to start or to expand their international sales. Many of these smaller companies have low budgets for their sales and marketing campaigns and it is via the portal that these companies immediately become visible to the world of the TETRA communications industry.

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