First Meeting for Belgium Sepura User Group

First Meeting for Belgium Sepura User Group

The first meeting of the Belgium Sepura User Group takes place in Antwerp today. The event has been co-ordinated by Sepura’s marketing consultants RB&W in conjunction with Koning & Hartman, a long-standing partner of Sepura. Koning & Hartman now also represents Sepura in Belgium, since it took over the activities of Simoco Benelux in September 2005.

This event, like the other Sepura’s user forums in the UK and the Netherlands, will create a forum in which public safety users can exchange information and share experiences, insights, observations and knowledge. Besides being of direct benefit to Sepura customers, Sepura will also receive direct feedback from real users on their requirements for future enhancements and developments of its products.

Over 30 delegates from Fire, Ambulance, local and federal Police and ASTRID, the Belgian TETRA network operator, will take part in this user forum. All participants will have an opportunity to discuss and evaluate new products, solutions and concepts offered by Sepura and Koning & Hartman.

This is the first time a TETRA terminal supplier will interact in this way with its customers in Belgium; this is also the first event where there will be live demonstrations of Sepura’s latest innovative programming and fleet management tool. Radio Manager is Sepura’s advanced operational support tool that significantly reduces the time and resources required to manage a large fleet of radios thereby providing major operational cost savings.

Roger Dowling, Market Development Director for Sepura commented “This user conference is tangible proof that Sepura is committed to its customers, actively listens and maps its future developments to meet users’ needs. We are confident that this event will give us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our Belgian customers and encourage the formation of further user groups throughout the world”.

For more information contact:
Rosanna Norman at Sepura Limited
+44 (0) 1223 877 283

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