First commercially available high-power modem in the 400 MHz spectrum presented at CCW in Singapore

New broadband component from Airbus Defence and Space perfectly suits military and public safety organisations’ needs 

Airbus Defence and Space has launched the HPM400, its new high-power modem that operates in the 400 MHz spectrum, at the Critical Communications World (CCW) fair in Singapore. The device is a new element in the company’s LTE (Long Term Evolution) product portfolio, called Evercor. The onboard terminal provides increased in-vehicle data capability together with existing mission-critical services based on both Tetra (terrestrial trunked radio) and Tetrapol standards. 

“We aim to ensure that the migration process runs smoothly for our customers, preserving their investments in Tetra or Tetrapol. We are therefore highly committed to following our product roadmap with that in mind,” says Eric Davalo, Head of Product and Service Portfolio at Airbus Defence and Space. “The HPM400 is a concrete result of this work. It is fully compliant with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which defines new LTE specifications that set the path for mission-critical solutions of the future. In addition to a higher data capacity, our new modem provides an equivalent level of coverage to conventional professional mobile radio (PMR) devices that use Tetra or Tetrapol.” 

The HPM400 operates across all the usual ultra-high frequency bands, such as 380-400 MHz, 410-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz. It provides, in a rugged design, a wired local area network (LAN) and can interface with a variety of host devices, for instance video encoders, laptops and Wi-Fi routers, via an Ethernet link. Thanks to a high-speed data downlink of up to 31 megabits per second, the HPM400 perfectly suits both the military’s and public safety organisations’ need for increased data capacities. 

Evercor, the integrated LTE 400 PMR solution from Airbus Defence and Space and Alcatel-Lucent, was launched during the Tetra World Congress in Budapest in 2011. It complements proven mission-critical PMR systems such as Tetra or Tetrapol with true broadband data performance. At CCW, a multi-standard base station (MBS) for broadband in the 400 MHz spectrum was also introduced as another new element of Evercor. 

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