Finnish critical communications community shows a glimpse of the future of critical communications

  • Six Finnish Public Safety organisations and 15 solutions provider companies demonstrate their success-in-co-operation based way of working
  • First demonstration of capability to enable any 4G/LTE network to support critical level connectivity for public safety

25th October 2017, Espoo, Finland

15 companies and six public safety organizations showed a glimpse of the future of critical communications in Espoo, Finland this week. Demonstrations showed how TETRA communications can be complemented with new critical broadband capabilities. At the core of the communications is the trust based success-in-co-operation way of working that harvests trust between the agencies and critical communications services and applications.

In Finland, the shared VIRVE network as a continuous critical service has enabled the authorities to utilise available commercial broadband data services as part of their daily operations. Companies listed below demonstrated critical end-to-end services leveraging a range of solutions including simulation of operational communication, Emergency Response Centre call taking and dispatching to critical networks, devices, accessories, applications. These solutions increase the criticality level in today’s business and consumer oriented commercial networks.

One example of an innovative solution is the capability to enable any commercial 4G/LTE network to support critical level connectivity for public safety through Local Control functionality – see separate press release on this first in the market demonstration

Demonstrations took place as part of TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) Plenary 16 in Espoo, Finland hosted by TCCA member Nokia with more than 55 participating organisations from Europe and Middle-East.

Supporting quotes by participated persons

Jarmo Vinkvist, CEO Suomen Virveverkko Oy,” Mutual trust is the foundation for successful co-operation. It enables innovation and helps us together to seek for ways to provide better and more efficient tools for the critical communication operatives on the field as well as higher security to the society. “

Koen Mioulet , Ulwimo “Today was a low threshold interactive venue to get to know suppliers out of the well-developed Finnish eco system around critical communication. “

Heikki Riippa, Criticon “Thank You for excellent and informative meeting with right critical communication experts onboard – success on migration!”

About Critical Communications Finland

Critical Communications Finland is an initiative to share Finnish critical communications knowledge, experiences and best practises worldwide and embrace co-operation cross nations, agencies and companies. For more information please visit @criticalcommsfi

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About the 15 demonstrating companies

The following Critical Communications companies presented their solutions with Finnish authorities and the State Security Networks – the VIRVE operator: Airbus Defence and Space, Bittium, Cloudstreet, Codea, Elektro-Arola, Goodmill Systems, Insta DefSec, Mentura Group, Nokia, Omnitele, Portalify, Roger-GPS, Savox, Secapp and TETRAsim.

For more information please see the company profiles on

About State Security Networks Group

State Security Networks Group Finland is 100 % owned by the State of Finland. Group secures the critical leadership and information society services in all circumstances. We provide secure and reliable ICT services for public authorities and other critical operators of national security. We develop overall security and safety in society, and our operations affect nearly everyone in Finland. For more information please visit @erillisverkot


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