Finmeccanica – Selex ES technological and dependable innovation for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Selex ES is showcasing its leading-edge, ATC systems for air traffic management (ATM) operators at ATC Global 2015 in Dubai  

  • Selex ES presents LeadInSky its technologically advanced air traffic control system
  • cutting-edge primary and secondary radar systems with enhanced performance and lower maintenance costs are demonstrated
  • newly developed cyber security platform for air traffic management infrastructures are also on show 

As traffic control becomes more complex, the requirement from air traffic providers to be equipped with the safest, most efficient and environmentally sound technology increases. LeadInSky is Selex ES’s latest generation ATC system, meeting the demands of the air traffic management sector whilst responding to the requirements of the SESAR programme and its development, thanks to its modularity.

LeadinSky is equipped with multilevel fall back and disaster recovery solutions, to guarantee high availability of data processing and consistency through different levels of redundancy. This enhanced system is designed to fully comply with a seamless control capability, based on the integration of heterogeneous data from different sources, giving it the ability to create a complete traffic picture, from the airport gates to en route airways. The same seamless approach enables the control tower, the remote TMA to be interconnected with the air control centre as an integral of the system, operating with the same modalities as in any controlled sector within the ACC itself. This allows radar and flight data exchange between control towers and remote TMA and the ACC system so that any operation by a controller in any centre updates the status of the other interconnected centres.

Selex ES is investing in new technologies and has created two new developments within the ATC radar systems domain: the first is relevant to the ATCR – 33 S New Generation and is a development of the primary ATC-33S radar system, the second is related to the secondary SIR-S/I radar and is an upgrade of the secondary SIR-S integrated with an ADS-B station. Both new systems build on the company’s deep experience of its robust legacy systems and inherit their long sales track record. This technological evolution guarantees higher performance, improved functionalities and lower maintenance costs.

Selex ES is also exhibiting its Baggage Handling Systems based on the cross belt and tilt tray technology as well as airport ground communications which guarantee resilient solutions such as TETRA or DMR fully integrated with next generation communication technologies.

Thanks to the company’s experience in the security domain, the company is also promoting its command and control management airport security platform for preventing and managing security and safety threats by boosting situational awareness analysis and coordination capabilities.

The company presents as well its new cyber security system tailored for ATM infrastructure and airport environment which can provide ANSP and airport stakeholders with an assured security strategy, from risk analysis to safety evaluations, from impact analysis and robust solutions to secure platforms and CNS networks, from identity and authorization management to open source intelligence.

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