Excitement over Rohill’s next-generation TETRA base station R-8060

Excitement over Rohill’s next-generation TETRA base station R-8060

To stay ahead in the market Rohill is replacing its R-8050 base station transceiver. The new R-8060 uses an advanced in-house design to provide new functionality, greater flexibility and substantial better performance than before, whilst guaranteeing full backwards compatibility.

The R-8060 offers a well-developed, optimized architecture with a powerful Intel XScale based CPU running the embedded Linux operating system. It supports both the current TETRA standard as well as implementation of the TETRA Release2 standards (TEDS). It can directly interface to the IP backbone with its Ethernet interface, but also contains support for barriered telephony adaptors. The R-8060 thereby provides a compact, flexible and cost-effective building block for TETRA base sites.

Furthermore the 8060’s enclosure has been reduced in size from 3U to 2U. Its efficient broadband amplifier now has the highest power available with 32 wattsRMS of continuous output. 3-way diversity is standard and with a highly sensitive receiver section provides a remarkable 16 dB link budget improvement over standard TETRA solutions. This translates into substantially better RF coverage and longer battery life for portables.

The R-8060 is already (Q4-05) available in all frequencies from 350 to 470 MHz. The design also continues to be enhanced with support for additional air interfaces such as APCO Project 25, making the R-8060 series the most flexible and versatile base station transceiver ever. For customers who require even greater resilience, functionality or additional air interfaces, the new R-8060 supports a number of optional features. Discontinues mode, jamming and interference detection are just a few of the many features included.

It has always been Rohill’s policy to provide the best-in-class equipment, so development of its futuristic R-8060 base station transceiver is a clear demonstration of this quest for excellence – bringing tomorrow’s technology to the market today and without compromising on quality or reliability.

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