Eventide Partners with Softil to Launch World’s First MCX Recording Solution for Public Safety Operations

Versatile MCX recording solution will support all public safety recording requirements and allow seamless connectivity with all leading MCX service providers in the world.

Recording systems innovator and specialist Eventide and the world’s leading mission-critical communications (MCX) enabler Softil, today jointly announce a partnership that will see the world’s first MCX recording and replay solution being developed by Eventide for use in public safety, government, air traffic control, utilities, oil & gas and security operations.

Eventide will harness Softil’s market leading BEEHD technology, a 3GPP MCX Release 16 standard-compliant cross-platform framework SDK, to develop the new MCX recording solution.

“Eventide has been at the forefront of innovation in the recording industry for over 50 years and this partnership with Softil enables us to continue that tradition and leap into the brave new MCX world in the shortest timeframe,” says Brad Basile, Eventide’s CEO.

“This partnership serves to illustrate the pace at which the MCX world is evolving,” adds Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO. “Ultimately, all sectors of human endeavor will be driven by MCX technology and Softil’s BEEHD cross-platform enabling technology will be pivotal in bringing about this MCX revolution.”

Recording is a critical element of public safety operations and allows public safety agencies to reconstruct a response to a disaster or crime, run deep analysis, learn from it and much more. As public safety is now embracing MCX/MCPTT/PSBN (Public Safety Broadband Networks), MCX recording is becoming essential for successful service delivery.

Eventide is the first recording company to enter the MCX world and has partnered with Softil to create a best-of-breed, versatile MCX recording solution which will support all public safety recording requirements. Importantly, it will also allow seamless connectivity with the systems of all leading MCX service providers around the globe.

Eventide’s direct LTE-based mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) recording solution will change the way that public safety recordings are made. The days when proprietary interfaces for each and every mission-critical system have to be built to access vital information will be gone. Instead, the recording of group and private audio calls, video and messages will be done using 3GPP MCX standards-based interfaces. During incidents, first responder groups will have instant access to a vast amount of on-record incident information whatever the system being used, including what information was pushed to group members, when they shared files, video or data, and the location of every member of a group at anytime.

Softil’s BEEHD is a 3GPP MCX Release 16 standard-compliant cross-platform framework (SDK) designed for developers and manufacturers of handheld and ruggedized devices, MCX/LMR gateways, dispatch consoles, recording solutions and train/metro communication equipment. BEEHD technology is also destined for system integrators, MCX application developers and service providers looking to accelerate the development of IP-based mission-critical voice and video over LTE and 5G (MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData) solutions for first responders, utilities, mining, transportation and more. BEEHD offers market-proven interoperability with all major MCX systems deployed around the world

About Eventide

Founded in 1971, Eventide has remained at the forefront of recording technology. In 1980, Eventide revolutionized the recording industry by creating the world’s first commercially available digital voice logger, the VR240. Since then, the company has developed many generations of recording solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of mission-critical communications users. Today Eventide’s NexLog series of recording solutions are deployed in thousands of installations worldwide on land and on sea. Eventide® is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. Visit https://www.eventidecommunications.com/

About Softil

Softil is the leading enabler of IP communications solutions for mission-critical telecommunications products and services. Softil’s BEEHD framework (SDK) is the key enabling technology behind a wide range of 3GPP MCX mission-critical communication solutions, devices, and products, as well as rich media applications for Enterprise and IMS/VoLTE. With more than 800 major corporations across the globe as customers, Softil’s many technological achievements include the pioneering of Voice and Video over IP, combining its unique expertise in standards-based signaling, multimedia and IMS. Softil’s award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks includes IMS, Diameter, SIP, MSRP, and others. Softil enabling technologies ensure simplified development and earliest roll-out of new products to market. Visit https://www.softil.com.

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