World’s first VHF TETRA Infrastructure

1 December 2013 – ETELM of France, critical communications infrastructure providers for more than 30 years, unveils the world’s first VHF TETRA Basestation. The ETELM Netis B25-VHF is now available in the recent ETSI approved band of 144 – 174MHz band. 

Etelm offers TETRA infrastructure in all of the traditional UHF frequency bands ranging from 350 to 470 MHz, in addition to 800MHz infrastructure. The adoption of the new VHF frequencies enhances the current range and allows TETRA functionality to be offered to customers and in regions where VHF is a key part of the spectrum and where spectrum is more widely available. 

TETRA is a robust and well proven digital technology, and the ability to mix frequency bands over the same network allows users to deploy regional systems where UHF (400 or 800MHz)  frequencies are used for metropolitan areas and VHF for rural wider coverage areas. 

“This is a tremendous breakthrough for the future development of critical communications around the world and it will create new opportunities right across the industry – particularly in regions where wider VHF coverage is and where VHF spectrum is more freely available than UHF. The ETELM VHF TETRA technology brings well established, advanced digital trunked functionality to new and existing markets,” said ETELM Sales Director, Paul Ward. 

The introduction of this VHF TETRA solution follows closely the recent release of ETELM’s e-TBS a fully integrated TETRA / LTE hybrid technology allowing TETRA & LTE technology to fully merge on the same network seamless to subscribers of each technology. 

If VHF TETRA or TETRA integrated to LTE Core is of interest please feel free to contact Paul Ward on +44 7966 030689 (mobile), or email  For further information, please visit and

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