Ensuring a broad and cost-efficient market for critical broadband devices

Ensuring a broad and cost-efficient market for critical broadband devices

Wednesday 22 November 2023 – As critical communications organisations and users move to mobile broadband networks and services, increasing numbers of new devices and associated mission critical applications are expected to become available. These will significantly enhance the capabilities and productivity of first responders. However, the mission critical broadband ecosystem is much more complex than the existing narrowband market. A new white paper from TCCA highlights the key considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure a successful long-term cost-effective solution deployment with specific mission critical-supporting functionality.

Across the ecosystem, operating system (OS) providers, manufacturers, operators and end-user organisations need to be aware of these considerations in the evolution of their product roadmaps, business planning and purchasing strategies.

The paper identifies APIs that would need to be present to enable an efficient integration; outlines what such device integration APIs could look like for the OS or relevant hardware interface; illustrates key mission critical requirements and sets out the benefits to the mission critical ecosystem of supporting such an approach: enabling cross-device scale and broadening the market for devices, clients and applications.

“With the introduction of broadband products based on commercial chipsets, hardware platforms and common operating systems, there is an opportunity for users to choose the particular mission critical application that best suits their needs, regardless of the device they are using,” said Kit Kilgour from TCCA member Sepura, who led the task force within TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) that created the white paper. “Therefore, there is not just a need for interoperability at a system level, but also portability across devices to enable cost-effective deployment. Without this, the choice will become severely limited.”

The white paper is aimed at mission critical network operators, mission critical software and hardware developers – and all stakeholders looking to familiarise themselves with the technical integration issues and related business impacts linked to enabling cost-effective mission critical client choice during their evolution to products based on consumer OSs.

TCCA’s new white paper ‘APIs to facilitate Mission Critical client device integration’ can be read here.


TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group

The CCBG is a Working Group of TCCA and drives the development and adoption of common global mobile broadband standards and solutions for users who operate in a mission critical or business critical environment.

The aim of the CCBG is to enable all mission critical and business critical users to access their information systems, intranet and internet at broadband speeds using their professional mobile devices wherever they are and whenever they have the need. This broadband capability should meet the specific needs of the user in the same way that critical voice and narrowband data services are currently delivered by technologies such as TETRA, Tetrapol, P25 and others.

The group is open to all TCCA members making it a unique platform for all critical communications stakeholders to come together to form a balanced path to the future.

About TCCA

On behalf of its members, TCCA supports all standard mobile critical communications technologies and complementary applications. Our members are drawn from end users, operators and industry across the globe. We believe in and promote the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of open standards and harmonised spectrum. We drive the development of common global mobile standards for critical broadband and maintain and enhance the TETRA Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) standard. TCCA is the 3GPP Market Representation Partner for critical communications and our members actively contribute in 3GPP working groups. TCCA supports the ETSI MCX Plugtests™, and is a member of the MCS-TaaSting project.

To find out more, please visit https://www.tcca.info/ and https://www.critical-communications- world.com/

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