England vs USA, Panorama Antennas will be in the stands!

England vs USA
Panorama Antennas will be in the stands!

Panorama’s CM-S2-08NJ antenna has been chosen by the South African Police Service (SAPS) to provide TETRA communications in the Royal Bafokeng Stadium ensuring the players and fans on Saturday are kept safe and secure. Fitted throughout the stadium, the low profile antenna from Panorama is the ideal solution for any in-building TETRA application.

Colonel Chris Jonck, Commanding Officer of SAPS said,
“The soccer officials could not spot the dome antennas, they blend in with the surrounding structure and are just what they wanted!”

Christopher Jesman, Managing Director of Panorama Antennas added, “This demonstrates once again that Panorama’s products are at the forefront of TETRA technology. Deployment at key events such as this only goes to reinforce Panorama’s position as the world leader in TETRA antennas. Security is paramount in South Africa and the police recognise that they must use the best quality products to ensure the World Cup will be a success.”

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