ENENSYS Technologies and STREAMWIDE Collaborate to Deliver Next-Generation Critical Communications at Scale

Rennes, Paris – May 22nd, 2023 – ENENSYS Technologies, a leading provider of media delivery solutions, and STREAMWIDE, a leading provider of mission-critical services, are joining forces to develop, integrate and promote multicast/broadcast solutions that deliver secure, efficient, large-scale PTT, video and data capabilities for first responders and other critical users.

As more and more public safety agencies decide to replace aging PMR solutions by investing in the next generation of critical communications networks, it is becoming clear that multicast (one-to-many) is the only realistic way to achieve a high level of performance for high-density PTT communications, especially in urban areas. This imperative is even clearer in the case of nascent mission-critical video/multimedia requirements, which are expected to grow exponentially for many years to come.

By working more closely together, implementing the most up-to-date open industry standards for multicast/broadcast, ENENSYS Technologies and STREAMWIDE believe they will succeed in overcoming the inherent limitations observed in unicast-only configurations and accelerate the adoption of the most advanced critical broadband services. Both companies are also committed to defining a clear roadmap for an eventual evolution of eMBMS solutions and standards to 5G and beyond, making such solutions future-proof.

ENENSYS Technologies is fully committed to delivering best-in-class critical communications at scale. Our collaboration with STREAMWIDE is an important part of that commitment” declared Régis LE ROUX, founder and CEO, ENENSYS Technologies.

Working together with STREAMWIDE to deliver optimised, dynamic multicast solutions will allow us to move closer to our desired goal of equipping first responders with next-generation solutions they can trust their lives on” stated Peter CLEMONS, Global Head Critical Communications, ENENSYS Technologies.

As we are supplying very large organizations with Mission Critical Push to Talk & Video Solutions, it becomes clear that more and more of our customers need to implement broadcast technologies in order to operate very large talk groups without jeopardizing on-air bandwidth while keeping low infrastructure costs. ENENSYS is clearly a leader in broadcast and it is a perfect match for STREAMWIDE” stated Pascal BEGLIN, CEO, STREAMWIDE.

We are strong supporters of network optimizations to promote spectrum efficient usage, and multicast is an obvious one. In an era where bandwidth seems to be unlimited and ubiquitous, it does not mean that network resources easily meet the demands of critical communications natively. We think ENENSYS’ multicast technology can be a game changer for large scale urban deployments and events to keep first responders communications afloat in these demanding situations where human lives are at stake.” declared Lilian GAICHIES, CTO, STREAMWIDE.

A major player for 20 years in the critical communications market, STREAMWIDE has successfully developed its Team on mission (mission critical) and Team on the run (business critical) software solutions for administrations and businesses. These solutions for smartphones and PCs, offered in a SaaS model or on Premise, benefit from numerous functionalities such as the multimedia group discussions, VoIP, push-to-talk over LTE/5G networks, next generation (MCX) services, field operation management, crisis management, and more. For more information, visit www.streamwide.com

About ENENSYS Technologies
For nearly 20 years, the ENENSYS Technologies Group has been accompanying its international customers in the evolution of uses and technologies. ENENSYS offers highly innovative solutions for efficient content distribution in several ecosystems: Targeted Advertising, Streaming, Terrestrial Broadcasting, Satellite Communications and Critical Communications. With approximately €60M invested in R&D over the past 10 years, the Group has a reputation for excellence in video stream optimization, security and monetization solutions. The solutions are marketed through two brands – ENENSYS and TestTree – and reach over 1.2 billion viewers worldwide. The Group achieved a turnover of €12.7 million in 2022, more than 90% of which was generated internationally.


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