EADS wins contract to double the size of Asia’s largest TETRA network

EADS wins contract to double the size of Asia’s largest TETRA network

Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network to be extended

Capacity and number of users in the network to be doubled

Beijing, 6 February 2007 – EADS and Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd. have officially signed the contract on Phase-3 project of Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network. Bai Xin, Deputy Director of the Beijing Information Office, Guo Hao, Vice President of China Satcom and other leaders were present at the signing ceremony.

The Beijing Government’s Shared TETRA Network, provided by EADS Secure Networks is already the largest digital trunking network in the Asia Pacific region. The extension will double the current network size both in terms of capacity and number of users. The network will provide seamless, secure radio communication for its users in the city of Beijing and environs, including all Olympic venues and sites as well as the main highways. The number of users in the network will increase from over 40,000 to around 90,000.

Users of the shared network come from different government agencies, including municipal committee and government, public security bureaus such as police, fire, and ambulance services; communication departments, urban management organisations and water conservancy departments. The network has become a central communications tool for the agencies of the Beijing Municipal Government. Thanks to its shared nature, it has improved the efficiency of command communications and collaboration among departments. The network has also helped the agencies better deal with incidents and emergencies.

During events, a very advanced approach has been adopted: the security organisations and event administration have used the same physical network, but as a virtually private network. Examples of events in Beijing that the network has helped secure include US President Bush’s visit to China, Fortune Global Forum, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Beijing International Marathon, International Associate of Athletics World Junior Championships and International Softball Federation Women’s World Championships.

The Beijing Government’s Shared TETRA Network is supervised and planned by Beijing Information Office, built and operated by Beijing JustTop Communication Co. Ltd, while EADS Secure Networks provides the network and a full range of radio terminals, network deployment and support services.

According to Bai Xin, Deputy Director of the Beijing Information Office, “We expect JustTop to speed up the construction of Phase-3 project of Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network; and we rely on EADS Secure Networks to deliver the infrastructure and radio terminals, network deployment, and services to meet the requirements for the Phase-3 of the Beijing Government’s Shared TETRA Network and information management project.”

Mr. Su Zhenze, Executive Vice President of Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd, said, “Beijing Government’s Shared TETRA Network boasts innovative digital trunking service, and provides government institutions with comprehensive dispatching system that features advanced technology, powerful function, high security, extensive coverage and excellent reliability. After the Olympic Game Phase-3 project is accomplished, the Shared TETRA Network will become China’s largest and leading dispatching communication network, providing better emergency response coordination and contributing to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.”

Jean-Marc Nasr, President of EADS Secure Networks said, “EADS is honoured to play such an important role in the dispatching system and event organisation of the Beijing Government. We are well recognized for our ability to provide a truly seamless network, its installation, launch, and construction, as well as a modern, reliable after-sales service. The contract highlights the fact that our proven TETRA solution is the preferred one in China. We are ready to grow with China’s wireless communication industry.”

Beijing JustTop Communication Co. Ltd

Beijing JustTop Communication Co., Ltd is a telecom service operator, specializes in digital trunking wireless communication services, and focuses on Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network.

EADS Secure Networks

EADS Secure Networks is a world leading provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR). EADS solutions for PMR enable professional organisations to communicate together effectively, reliably, and securely. EADS is the only company in the world that can offer specialised PMR solutions based on TETRAPOL, TETRA, and P25 technologies, according to customer requirements. EADS has already delivered 150 mission-critical PMR networks, more than 30 of which with nationwide coverage.

EADS Secure Networks is part of the Business Unit Defence and Communications Systems (DCS), the “Systems House” of EADS, an integrated unit of the EADS Defence & Security Systems Division (DS). DS is a system solutions provider. It combines military air systems, missile systems, communications and intelligence systems, global security solutions as well as sensor and avionics systems into a single effective network. With 2005 revenues of 5.6 billion, the Division employs 23,000.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2005, EADS generated revenues of 34.2 billion and employed a workforce of about 113,000.

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Note to editors

Beijing Government Shared TETRA Network is the first shared government digital trunking network in Asia as well as the largest digital trunking network in Asia Pacific. It was kicked off in March 2003 as one of Beijing Municipal Government’s 60 key projects that year. With Phase-1 and Phase-2 expansion completed, the network has covered the eight urban districts, flat suburb areas, major expressways, key tourist resorts and buildings in Beijing.

The Phase-3 project aims to double the current network size, covering the 31 competition venues, 15 non-competition venues, independent training venues, more than 100 contracted hotels and other facilities, while expanding the network capacity to 90,000 users. Following the Municipal Government’s design principle of “unified planning based on demands, security and reliability by core backup, comprehensive resource utilization and sharing, cost-effectiveness and post-games utilization”, the Phase-3 project will expand the network to cover all Olympic venues and sites in Beijing, and ensure cross-region communications to meet the requirement of command, dispatch and safety protection during the Olympic infrastructure construction.

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