EADS to provide nationwide TETRA radio network for Hungarian authorities

EADS to provide nationwide TETRA radio network for Hungarian authorities

  • Shared network to serve the largest number of public safety agencies in the world to date
  • Network roll-out ready by end of January 2007

Budapest, 31 January 2006 – EADS has signed a contract with the Company Pro-M, to deliver the infrastructure for the Hungarian nationwide TETRA radio network. Pro-M was established for this purpose by T-Mobile Hungary and Magyar Telekom and will build and operate the nationwide radio communications network by order of the Hungarian Government.

The EADS TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio), is one of the most important modern digital radio standards and is in use throughout the world in the areas of public transport and safety and also has widespread industrial applications. The system provides secure, truly seamless radio communication services for the users. In Hungary, it will network the largest number of public safety agencies in the world to date. These include Hungarian Army, National and Budapest Police, National Borderguard, National Catastrophy Prevention Directorate, Tax and Customs Office, National Law Enforcement, National Ambulance Services, and National Environmental and Water Protection Directorate.

A single, large-scale radio communications network, shared by several agencies, will make it possible for them to communicate and co-operate with each other more easily. In addition, a shared nationwide system can bring major benefits in economy and security.

EADS delivers digital TETRA exchanges, TB3 TETRA base stations, Internet Protocol (IP) packet data network elements, dispatcher workstations, professional services and EADS TETRA radio terminals. The network roll-out will be ready by the end of January 2007. Implementation will start in the Budapest area, which is planned to be covered already by the beginning of April 2006.

“This project will significantly enhance the security of the Hungarian citizens” says Jean-Marc Nasr, President, EADS Secure Networks. “The EADS system is the best choice when building a successful shared network. Furthermore, the system has been especially designed to optimise the total cost of ownership. Winning this order of magnitude has been a major achievement for us: since the acquisition of Nokia PMR by EADS, this contract is the most significant one based on TETRA, reinforcing EADS’ position on this market.”

“With the new, shared communication system, the Hungarian emergency and safety organizations can co-operate with each other more easily. This can enable the development of more effective working processes”, says Mr. Istvan Pesti, Project Government Commissioner for the network. “What is even more important, the new communication services can save precious moments when lives are at stake”.

As one of the world’s leading producers and an integrator of digital trunked radio-based systems, EADS enables a reliable, central exchange of information between security forces for internal security, making it possible to reach an immediate decision based on the situation. EADS also offers integrated systems solutions for surveying coastlines and borders as well as protecting property. Safety at major events like the World Cup can also be improved by the experience gained in the field of security system technologies.

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