EADS to deliver world’s largest railway radio network to Brazil

EADS to deliver world’s largest railway radio network to Brazil

  • EADS’ TETRA system to provide voice and data services for more than 1,500km of railway
  • Contract with Brazilian MRS Logstica S.A. has been signed

Paris, 20 April 2006 – Teaming in a consortium with ALSTOM, EADS Secure Networks recently signed a contract with Brazilian MRS Logstica S.A. to provide the radio communications part for their SIACO project (Integrated System for Automation and Operation Control). The total contract value is60 million of which EADS’ share is16 million. According to the terms of the contract, EADS will deliver one TETRA switch, 75 base stations, and 1,800 terminals. Deliveries are expected to start in the second half of this year.

MRS Logstica S.A. is a major railway operator in Brazil and has established the SIACO project to replace its current signalling and communications system by an advanced management and operation control system. The new system will rely on EADS’ TETRA system to provide the necessary voice and data communication services along 1,500 km of the railway, crossing three major Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo and Minas Gerais. Thanks to encryption of voice and data communications, and transmitted control information, the system will also be highly secure. EADS will also provide MRS Logstica with all necessary services: project management, adapting the base station sites, as well as installation, commissioning, and integration of the system, training the users, and providing the care services once the system is up and running.

Jean Marc Nasr, President of EADS Secure Networks stated, “Thanks to the TETRA system, MRS Logstica will benefit from reliable and secure communications between the operation control centres and the trains. On top of that, the same network can seamlessly handle both voice and data, enabling optimised operations for the customer and bringing major advantages”.

Dr. Julio Fontana Neto, President of MRS Logstica S.A. commented, “MRS Logstica S.A. will have been in operation for ten years at the end of 2006. A critical success factor is the SIACO project, which will provide a sound technological basis for our operations. We believe that it will be the new applications and improved communications that can reliably support such growth”.

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