EADS to build TETRA digital radio network for STEAG encotec GmbH

EADS to build TETRA digital radio network for STEAG encotec GmbH

  • Network to be used for communication within STEAG group
  • For the first time in a German industrial company: Extensive range of digital radio services to be offered to third parties

Ulm, 8 February 2006 – EADS Secure Networks has received the contract to build a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) digital radio network for STEAG encotec GmbH, a subsidiary of the STEAG group. The group, with its registered offices in Essen, is one of the five largest energy producers in Germany, its core business being the construction and operation of state-of-the-art thermal power stations. The new digital operations radio system, which is built to the TETRA standard, meets the industrial company’s latest requirements for security, performance and profitability with regard to company-internal communication.

Among the users will be the stand-by services, the Works Fire Brigade as well as the personnel responsible for service, maintenance and radio interference suppression at STEAG. The TETRA network will provide them with support for information exchange, malfunction management and personal security and will improve the general operational processes through coordinated site communication. The TETRA system’s capabilities in data transmission will be used to operate remote-control systems.

The network is planned to enter into operation in April 2006. With its central exchange station and 15 base stations, the network will initially cover the core area of the Ruhr region. Furthermore, EADS will provide dispatcher workstations, radio devices and services. The parameterization of the terminals and the provision of services for the user such as vehicle installations will be performed by IFN (Industrie-, Funk- und Nachrichtentechnik GmbH), EADS’ project partner in Essen.

STEAG encotec GmbH will operate the network and, moreover, will be the first German industrial company to offer digital radio services on a large scale to third parties also. Market research, which was carried out in advance, has revealed that there is great interest at companies acting on a local and regional level such as organizers of concerts and sporting events, communal services, private surveillance services, transport services as well as utility and construction companies.

Under the brand name “seNet”, STEAG encotec GmbH offers internal and external customers secure services with high availability for voice and data transmission as well as individual solutions such as the integration of existing communications technology (private branch exchanges, radio), fleet administration through own dispatcher workstations as well as the setting up of customer-specific radio cells.

The marketing of these professional services and solutions to third parties creates special challenges for the system infrastructure. The EADS TETRA networks use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to support independent and secure use through various organizations. They can be extended flexibly and without impairing the users so as to allow for growing numbers of participants and demands for network coverage expansion. The EADS TETRA networks offer extensive interfaces for the integration of available infrastructures and customer-specific applications. They also deliver data for the analysis of usage statistics and for the payment of service fees.

The supply and initial operation of digital radio systems for industrial companies and radio communication systems for personal and property protection are among the core competencies of EADS Secure Networks. Such radio solutions have already been proved successful for numerous companies. In this way, radio technology has been provided to outdoor areas, production halls, buildings and underground facilities.

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