EADS to build TETRA digital radio network for Stadtwerke München

EADS to build TETRA digital radio network for Stadtwerke Mnchen

  • Municipal utilities to use system for internal communication
  • Digital radio services also to be offered to third parties

Munich, 14 September 2006 – EADS has received the contract to build a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) digital radio network for Stadtwerke Mnchen GmbH. Stadtwerke Mnchen GmbH (SWM) is the nation’s largest municipal energy supplier. The new digital operations radio system, which is built to the European TETRA standard, meets the energy supplier’s latest requirements for security, performance and commercial efficiency with regard to company-internal communication.

Among the users will be the stand-by services and the personnel responsible for service, maintenance and emergency assignments at Stadtwerke Mnchen GmbH. The TETRA network will provide them with support for information exchange, malfunction management and personal security and will improve the general operational processes through optimised site communication.

EADS only recently received the contract to set up a digital radio service for German authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS), under which EADS, as a prime contractor, is due to implement a nationwide TETRA digital radio network together with Siemens by 31 December 2010.

The SWM network is planned to enter into operation in December 2006. Based on a central exchange and six base stations, the network will initially provide a reliable service – including building interiors – to the greater Munich area inclusive of the North, South and Freimann power plants. Furthermore, EADS will provide dispatcher workstations, radio units and services. Parameterisation of the terminals and the provision of services for the users such as the installation in vehicles will be performed by SWM’s own service personnel.

Stadtwerke Mnchen GmbH will operate the network and also offer it to third parties. The marketing of these professional services and solutions to third parties creates special challenges for the system infrastructure. The EADS TETRA networks support independent and secure use by different organisations through the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology. They can be extended flexibly without impairing the functionality so as to constantly allow for the growing numbers of subscribers and demands for expanded network coverage. The EADS TETRA networks offer extensive interfaces for the integration of available infrastructures and customer-specific applications. They also deliver data for the analysis of usage statistics and the charging of services.

The supply and initial operation of digital radio systems for energy suppliers and radio communication systems for personal and property protection are among the core competencies of EADS. Such radio solutions have already proved their worth with numerous companies, where the radio coverage has extended over both open sites and production halls, buildings and underground facilities.

With revenues of about 5.6 billion in 2005 and roughly 23,000 employees across nine nations, EADS Defence & Security Systems Division (DS) forms the defence and security pillar within EADS. As a Large Systems Integrator, it offers integrated systems solutions to the new challenges confronting armed forces and global security. It is active in the areas of manned and unmanned integrated combat and mission air systems, including related training services, and in missile systems, battlefield management systems for all branches, global security solutions, secure networks, defence electronics, sensors and avionics, as well as related services.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2005, EADS generated revenues of 34.2 billion and employed a workforce of about 113,000.


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