EADS successfully delivers first part of nationwide Hungarian radio communications network

EADS successfully delivers first part of nationwide Hungarian radio communications network

  • Infrastructure and terminals of the Budapest network delivered on schedule within less than three months
  • 34 base stations delivered in Budapest
  • 14,000 mobile handhelds for the public safety forces

Budapest, April 6, 2006 – Less than three months after signing a contract to deliver the infrastructure for the Hungarian nationwide TETRA radio network, EADS has succeeded in delivering the contracted number of base stations in order to secure coverage in Budapest, the first phase of the Hungarian nationwide TETRA radio network, on schedule. EADS Secure Networks also delivered the first 14,000 terminals that will be used by members of the local public safety forces operating in the Hungarian capital, to the service provider of the network. EADS is continuing to train the experts of the operator company and the trainers of the users how to use the equipment of the TETRA-based digital and encrypted radio system. Within the past two months the company has trained 320 Hungarian experts. EADS continues the delivery of the equipment of the nationwide, shared network to cover 94 per cent of the territory of Hungary by January 2007, based on the network design by the operating company.

Pro-M Zrt (member of Magyar Telekom group) provides the service of the Tetra network delivered by EADS Secure Networks for the public safety organisations in Hungary. The system ensures secure, truly seamless radio communication services for the users. These include Hungarian Army, National and Budapest Police, National Borderguard, National Catastrophy Prevention Directorate, Tax and Customs Office, National Law Enforcement, National Ambulance Services, and National Environmental and Water Protection Directorates.

EADS is pooling competencies in radio technology and radio planning with a knowledge of the security authorities. In addition, EADS can look back on long years of experience in the supply and installation of nationwide digital radio systems for them. Working together with partner companies, to date it has installed more than 130 digital radio networks in almost 60 countries, of which 30 have been networks for Police and Security Forces. 11 such networks were destined for the European market.

Security for important occasions such as big sporting events can also be improved thanks to the experience in the field of security system technologies. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and integrators of digital trunked radio solutions, EADS enables a secure centralised information exchange between the Security Forces for internal security, thus paving the way for immediate decision-making tailored to the situation.

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