EADS Secure Networks Oy changes its registered company name to CASSIDIAN Finland Oy

EADS Secure Networks Oy changes its registered company name to CASSIDIAN Finland Oy

  • The renaming is part of the overall rebranding of CASSIDIAN, but has no impact on the legal structure of the company
  • CASSIDIAN is the new name of EADS Defence & Security

7 February 2011 – In the context of the rebranding of EADS’ former Defence & Security Division into Cassidian in September 2010, the registered company name of EADS Secure Networks Oy has now also been changed to Cassidian Finland Oy.

This last modification does not affect the company’s legal or organisational structure. Its registered offices, addresses and other administrative and fiscal identifications remain unchanged. Cassidian Finland Oy remains part of the Cassidian Division and the Cassidian Systems Business Unit.

Cassidian is a division of EADS and will be able to market its large portfolio of security systems more effectively by establishing a clear-cut profile in the global marketplace. “Our business is changing. So are our customers. Especially on the civil markets which we address with our security products, it is essential to be perceived as a strong brand,” said Dr. Stefan Zoller, CEO of Cassidian, last September in the context of the renaming as Cassidian.

The name Cassidian is derived from the Latin term ‘cassida’ (helmet) and from ‘meridian’ (imaginary line running north and south). It symbolises worldwide protection and security, thus reflecting the Cassidian claim – “Defending World Security”.

Together with the name, Cassidian has also introduced a new logo. The globe with hands surrounding and protecting it symbolises the company’s commitment to support the people whose mission is to protect the world. The Business Units have also been given new names which highlight their core activities: Cassidian Electronics, Cassidian Air Systems and Cassidian Systems.

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