EADS is first to obtain an Inter-System Interface certificate for TETRA

EADS is first to obtain an Inter-System Interface certificate for TETRA

World’s first interoperability certificate for the TETRA Inter-System Interface (ISI)

June 12, 2007 – The world’s first TETRA Inter-System Interface (ISI) interoperability certificate has been granted to the EADS TETRA system. This important milestone was achieved as part of the TETRA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) interoperability testing in early 2007. The certification proves that TETRA systems interoperable – according to the standard.

The interoperability (IOP) certificate for TETRA ISI covers mobility management of radios, inter-network individual calls and inter-network short data services (SDS). The testing was performed between two EADS TETRA systems on Release 5 level.

Now the TETRA ISI standard has been proven for implementation and is ready for operational use. The main benefit for the user is the ability to migrate from a network to another and still make and receive calls and data messages with other users in internal and external networks.

“EADS is delivering on the promise of TETRA fulfilling the requirements of the Schengen Information System cross-border communication”, said Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of EADS Secure Networks. “We are the first, and so far the only ones, to prove that our TETRA networks can be interconnected according to the ISI standard. We are very committed to TETRA interoperability and hope that others will follow our lead”.

The TETRA interoperability certification is a joint industry process managed by the TETRA MoU Association. Certificates are issued by an independent TETRA certification body after successful testing of TETRA equipment against TETRA Interoperability Profile (TIP) specifications and test plans to ensure true multi-vendor operation and a competitive market. An increasing number of professional mobile radio customers are demanding TETRA interoperability certification as a crucial requirement for their TETRA equipment.

TETRA interoperability certificates are published at the TETRA MoU Association Website www.tetramou.com, under TETRA facts interoperability.

EADS Secure Networks is a world leading provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) that enables professional organizations to communicate together effectively, reliably, and securely. EADS is the only company in the world that can offer specialized PMR solutions based on TETRA, TETRAPOL, and P25 technologies. EADS has already delivered more than 150 mission-critical PMR networks, whereof over 30 with nationwide coverage.

EADS Secure Networks is part of Defence and Communications Systems (DCS), the “Systems House” of EADS, an integrated Business Unit of the EADS Defence & Security (DS). DS is a systems solutions provider combining military air systems, missile systems, communications and intelligence systems, global security solutions as well as sensor and avionics systems into a single effective network. In 2006, DS – with its around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of 5.9 billion.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2006, EADS generated revenues of 39.4 billion and employs a workforce of about 116,800.


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