EADS Defence & Security provides communication solutions that help secure high profile events

EADS Defence & Security provides communication solutions that help secure high profile events

  • Communication network set up in time for the 2010 G8 summit inCanada
  • Communication solutions help secure the World Football Cup in

South Africa and the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou 29 June 2010 – EADS Defence & Security (DS) products and solutions playan important role in several major sports and political events in 2010. Thereliable communication systems help those responsible for event security todeliver end-to-end protection for participants, observers and organisers, aswell as discreet protection for VIPs.

In 2010, communication products and solutions from EADS Defence &Security (DS) are key players at the G8 summit in Canada, the Soccer WorldCup in South Africa and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, for example.

In 2009, the same products and solutions contributed to the smooth runningof the week-long People’s Republic of China’s 60thAnniversary as well as theTour de France bicycle race.

“We are delighted that our communication systems play their part in ensuringsecurity for so many great events this year. These are very high-profileevents, and we are confident that the success of our digital trunked networkduring the Beijing Games in 2008 and during the 60thAnniversary celebrationof the People’s Republic of China in 2009 can be repeated in otheroccasions,” said Dirk Borchardt, Head of Security & CommunicationSolutions at EADS Defence & Security.

Whether it’s a major sporting spectacle, a pop concert or a political summit,security is essential to ensure the safety of people and the smooth running ofthe event. Achieving real security is about more than guns, gates, and guards.It also requires the best possible organisation, and that calls for specialcommunications – more than just radio communications. Data from varioussources, such as video cameras, biometric recognition systems, airborneplatforms, patrol cars, command vehicles, must be processed, linked, andsecurely transmitted to control centres.

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