EADS Defence & Security launches a high-speed data solutions concept and introduces a Complete Task application for field operations

26th February 2008

  • New concept introduces high-speed data applications without compromising on mission-critical features – and at optimal cost
  • First FortecorTM application helps to streamline communications in field operations, with delivery of task details, relevant additional information and reporting

13 February 2008 – EADS Secure Networks (SN) has launched FortecorTM, a new concept for high-speed, professional mobile radio communications. Solutions based on the new concept are a new way to provide relevant, data-intensive information to the field without compromising security, privacy or confidentiality.

Field operations – whether for emergency services, authorities, or other mobile professionals – are developing towards more connectivity, and more effective sharing of relevant, targeted data.Fortecor solutions bring a competitive edge to the network operators who can offer new services and applications with mission-critical high-speed data.

Fortecor solutions are very secure. They work on the existing radio network, making it economically feasible to offer them even over a wide area. Data transfer cost is lower. Moreover Fortecor solutions can run on the existing radio communications hardware hence a separate network is not needed which also makes them more environment-friendly.

“With the Fortecor concept, applications taking advantage of higher data speeds can run on EADS’ radio communication networks while fulfilling the strictest requirements for communications: security, availability and reliability in mission-critical radio operations” saysJean-Marc Nasr, President of EADS Secure Networks.

EADS Secure Networks also announces Complete Task, the first end-to-end solution for the newly introduced Fortecor concept. The underlying application uses data messaging to assign tasks and provides access to all relevant information that field forces need. In addition, it enables them to submit reports without having to return to headquarters.

Complete Task works in multi-agency shared networks – it can be tailored to fit each organisation’s operational needs and legal requirements. Whether organisations are responding to an emergency call, assigning service engineers to particular jobs or issuing delivery instructions to meet a customer order, Complete Task can work in an integrated way with existing command and control or dispatching systems. The solution is powered by the Portalify Data Messaging ServerTM and Portalify Secure ClientTM, which is a leading data messaging platform.

“Professionals in the field do not want to be bombarded by unnecessary information,” says Jean-Marc Nasr. “Complete Task avoids this problem by including links to relevant information, matching each task and each person’s role. Field operatives can access extra information very easily, but only if they need to.”

Complete Task is a perfect example of an application that adapts,” says Hannu Aronsson, Chairman and CTO of Portalify. “It is tailored to each customer and it works on top of narrowband as well as high-speed networks.”

Portalify is dedicated to developing innovative ways of utilizing communication technologies, for empowering field operations with information to help them get the most out of their people, terminals and networks. Portalify solutions power numerous key applications used daily by police officers and other officials in the field. Portalify customers include public sector organizations such as safety, fire and rescue services, as well as energy companies.

EADS Secure Networks is a world leading provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)andan integrated line of business of EADS Defence & Security (DS).DS is a systems solutions provider combining military air systems, missile systems, communications and intelligence systems, global security solutions, sensor and avionics systems, as well as test and support solutions into a single effective network. In 2006, DS – with its around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of 5.9 billion.

EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2006, EADS generated revenues of 39.4 billion and employs a workforce of about 116,000.


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