EADS Defence & Security and Zetron announce system-level compatibility between two of their key technologies

30 November 2007

EADS Defence & Security and Zetron announce system-level compatibility between two of their key technologies

-A major step in this technological cooperation
-Interoperability between the EADS TETRA systems and the Zetron Digital console system
-An easy migration from conventional PMR or MPT systems to TETRA
-A great multilingual feature for operators in non-English speaking countries in Asia

EADS Secure Networks, an integrated Line of Business of EADS Defence & Security (DS), and Zetron announced today that the TMR 880 TETRA PEI Interface of EADS Secure Networks is capable of seamlessly integrating with Zetron’s newly enhanced DCS-5020 TETRA Digital Console System.

The DCS-5020 TETRA wireless console of Zetron offers innovative solutions for the increasing number of EADS TETRA users. This enhanced system can connect to a TETRA system through a number of fixed EADS TETRA radios. The DCS-5020 is based on a distributed architecture and eliminates the need for a central switch, even with multiple operator positions.

The integration of the DCS-5020 and EADS TETRA radios offers additional features and functionality to the sectors it serves, including public safety, emergency services, transportation, utilities, and private industry.

One key benefit of the enhanced DCS-5020 is that it features a multi-lingual screen display. Its on-screen and pop-up text appears in one of several languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, or Spanish.

The integrated solution also offers:
?An easy migration from conventional/PMR or MPT systems to TETRA.
?The capability to expand to 15 operator positions.
?Both voice and data capability (status, SMS, and text).
?Improved incoming emergency and call-queue functionality.
?The capability for consoles to automatically acquire the talkgroup list and aliases from the radio.

The solution also supports other TETRA features such as:
?Individual/group call (TETRA)
?Emergency call (TETRA)
?Send/receive status messages (TETRA)

“The multilingual feature makes it ideal for TETRA operators in non-English speaking countries in Asia, including the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and South Korea”, says EADS Secure Networks Asia CEO, Franois Begaud.

“As users migrate from conventional or other platforms to TETRA, the DCS-5020 provides an interoperable solution that enables operators to manage both networks from a single position,” adds Zetron President, John Reece. “It also allows operators to set up an interconnection or “patch” between the two networks. This allows field personnel on one network to speak directly with others on their EADS network.”

EADS Secure Networks is a world leading provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR). It is an integrated line of business of the EADS Defence & Security (DS). DS is a systems solutions provider combining military air systems, missile systems, communications and intelligence systems, global security solutions, sensor and avionics systems, as well as test and support solutions into a single effective network. In 2006, DS – with its around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of 5.9 billion.
EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2006, EADS generated revenues of 39.4 billion and employs a workforce of about 116,000.

Zetron is a subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation. For over 25 years, Zetron has been manufacturing mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and business applications. Zetron’s products include custom systems, integrated communication-and-control systems (ICCS), radio dispatch consoles, emergency call-taking systems, paging infrastructure, trunked radio, wireless SCADA, and remote-monitoring products. Zetron Australasia is responsible for the Asian & Australian Tetra market and Zetron UK is responsible for the EMEA Tetra Market.
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