EADS bid for BOS digital radio network in Germany stands in first place after first evaluation phase

EADS bid for BOS digital radio network in Germany stands in first place after first evaluation phase

  • First phase of bid evaluation for nationwide digital radio in Germany concluded
  • Most cost-effective bid from EADS and Siemens

Ulm, 10 March 2006 – Within the scope of the competitive tendering for the nationwide digital voice and data transmission network for German security authorities and organizations (BOS), EADS has submitted the most cost-effective bid according to the results of the first evaluation. This was disclosed by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on 8 March 2006. After examining all of the bids submitted, it became clear that the TETRA system of EADS Defence and Communications Systems’ new Line of Business “Secure Networks” was the most cost-effective solution.

“We are delighted with this decision”, stated Stefan Zoller, Member of the Executive Committee responsible for defence and security systems at EADS. “It confirms that we are well positioned for setting up a nationwide BOS digital radio network that will be one of the largest in Europe: We offer the highest possible product quality and many years of know-how in the building of nationwide secure radio networks. The BOS network is an integral part of future internal and external security in Germany”.

In its role as prime contractor EADS bears the overall responsibility for the BOS digital radio network project and the associated systems engineering and as systems integrator it will unite the technologies and components from the partner companies and suppliers on a platform fit for future applications. Acting as strategic partner, Siemens will be responsible for the system rollout. The two companies have already successfully cooperated in the past on other international BOS digital radio projects.

EADS has been a partner of such “BOS” agencies for many decades and, via its predecessor companies Telefunken, AEG, MATRA and NOKIA PMR, has decisively shaped the wireless communication technology of the security authorities over that period. In this way, the group is pooling competencies in radio technology and radio planning with a knowledge of the BOS tactical mission requirements unlike any other company. In addition, EADS can look back on long years of experience in the supply and installation of nationwide digital radio systems for security authorities. Working together with partner companies, to date it has installed more than 130 digital radio networks in almost 60 countries, of which 30 have been networks for Police and Security Forces. 11 such networks were destined for the European market.

Security for important occasions such big sporting events can also be improved thanks to the experience in the field of security system technologies. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and integrators of digital trunked radio solutions, EADS enables a secure centralized information exchange between the Security Forces for internal security, thus paving the way for immediate decision-making tailored to the situation. EADS also offers integrated system solutions for coastal and border surveillance as well as protection of property.

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