Distributed Recording Solution for Artevea T-MATRIX

27th February 208

Artevea has launched a fully scalable distributed IP recording solution to enhance the capabilities of its T-MATRIX TETRA Solutions. The state of art recording solution employs the Delma Technologies NRG recorder and CoreStor server architecture to record TETRA Calls at site level for subsequent centralised storage, retrieval and playback.

Users can enjoy the following features:

  • Recording, storage and playback of Individual and Group calls with identification of speaking party.
  • Recorded Calls can be searched by a number of parameters including for example – Date, Time, ISSI, Calling and Called Parties, Call Duration, Call Type, Recording Node.
  • Playback of calls possible at both server level and site level.
  • User friendly interface for both user and administration functions.
  • Remote Fault Monitoring of Site-based recorders
  • All replay operations, configuration changes, alarms and warning events are logged.
  • Access by username and password to maintain security.
  • Transfer of Call Data to Central store can be scheduled to occur at periods of light traffic (e.g. overnight).
  • Call data can be archived to removable media.
  • Storage Capacity of up to 28000 channel hours at site level with no practical limit on networked storage.

Artevea and Delma will be pleased to demonstrate our recording solution at the TETRA World Congress, 26th-29th May in Hong Kong. Visit stand C2 so as not to miss out on this opportunity for a personal demonstration of Artevea’s products.

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