Director of TCCA in Poland at the conference RadioEXPO 2015

Phil Kidner, CEO of the Association of TETRA and Critical Communications (TCCA) recently hosted a conference in Poland RadioEXPO 2015, which took place on 7 October at the Novotel Airport Hotel in Warsaw.  The meeting brought together over 300 specialists and experts to radio communications from across the Polish and foreign guests.  In his speech, Phil Kidner highlighted the leading role of the TETRA standard as a reliable means of communication for voice communications for public safety.

He mentioned, among other things a surge of interest in TETRA networks worldwide, which can be seen in the number supplied radios.  Last year, the market of professional radio communications received over 600 thousand.  The total number of TETRA users is approaching 4 million.  Year 2014 was a record in this regard. According to Phil Kidner commercial telecommunications systems are not able to guarantee network availability in crisis situations, and so when communication is most important.  TETRA will remain so for a long time the primary means of voice communication for services.

Mr Kidner also spoke about the functionality of TETRA in the context of data transmission.  Today’s market offers many solutions application access to databases or sending images via the TETRA system.  Of course, there can be no question of sending video, because it does not allow too narrow band data transmission. However, even in the present days high-speed commercial LTE network, this is sufficient for most everyday use.  He also warned against excessive haste in the adaptation of LTE for public safety.  “Today LTE does not have any standardized connectivity features critical communications necessary for the services. However, the ongoing standardization work in 3GPP constantly” – summed up his speech.

A large part of the presentation was devoted to the experience of Finland (national network Virve), of Germany, and tests TEDS in Norway. At the end of all present they were also invited to participate in the World Congress of Critical Communications World , to be held in Amsterdam on 31 May – 2 June 2016 year.

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