Department of Health selects FREQUENTIS control room software

Cloud-based infrastructure from Frequentis will assist the UK Ambulance Trust with its evolution to an Emergency Service Network (ESN)

The Department of Health has selected the Frequentis 3020 LifeX integration platform as a replacement for the current Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS). The Control Room Software (CRS) project required a new approach to the provision of radio dispatch for the UK Ambulance Trust using a cloud-based model. The system will enable the Trust to be ready to transition to the United Kingdom’s Emergency Services Network (ESN).

The 3020 LifeX, designed as multi-media collaboration platform, will be hosted at Crown Hosting Data Centres to provide a highly resilient national solution for all of the English Ambulance Trust control room operators and with an option for Scotland and Wales too.  With a capacity for almost 700 concurrent users, the system will be the largest ICCS in the UK. The system will not only allow the control centre staff to communicate with the ambulances on the current Airwave network, but also the new ESN once it is operational. It will also provide a map-based view of the location of all ambulances, to compliment current systems and provide another layer of resilience for the most critical of services.

This new approach to the provision of critical services for an Emergency Services’ control centre allows for flexibility and innovation to meet any future requirements and the enhancement of operational processes and procedures. Even though the system is national and can be enhanced on this basis, Frequentis understands the need for individual Trusts’ to operate in their own way and will therefore ensure local requirements are also catered for.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Frequentis to deliver the LifeX software. Delivering the largest ICCS in UK will be a challenge, however we are confident that Frequentis are the right provider to enable us to deliver a solution that will greatly assist the Ambulance Trusts’ dispatch capabilities. Realising the benefits of the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) is vital and the flexibility inherent with LifeX will enable Trusts to transition to ESN whilst maintaining inter-operable communications with other Trusts, Police and Fire” – Duncan Bray, Head of Programmes – Ambulance Radio Programme.

With the introduction of ESN over the coming years, ambulance dispatching and the communications with staff will change and the potential use of multimedia will evolve.  Having a “single” system will enable the evolvement to be managed and implemented in a more cost effective and efficient way.

Frequentis’ expertise in providing safety-critical communication and information solutions is well-known in the industry. In February 2016, Frequentis won the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA) in the category “Best use of TETRA for Public Safety” for its best practice voice communication system implemented for the Bavarian Police during the 2015 G7 Summit in June. Furthermore, at the 2016 Critical Communications World, Frequentis won the “Future Tech Award” for its Unified Radio Gateway (URG) solution.

“The Frequentis 3020 LifeX software platform was designed for the approach required by the UK Ambulance Trusts. The “private cloud” infrastructure, intuitive web-based frontend and ability to integrate numerous third party systems means a single national solution can meet the specific needs of the individual Trusts. This brings the benefits of scale without compromising the individual’s needs.” Says Robert Nitsch, Public Safety Director at Frequentis.

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