Danish ‘real-life’ tests prove TETRA is technology for Fire Brigades

Danish ‘real-life’ tests prove TETRA is technology for Fire Brigades

6th February 2009 – SINE, the Danish public safety network, has undertaken ‘real-life’ situational fire tests on Sepura’s STP8000 hand-held radio that have impressed fire-fighters in Denmark.

The radio’s performance was tested on board one of Europe’s largest passenger car ferries, while in another exercise the STP8000 was exposed to extreme temperatures in a simulated house fire.

In both tests, the radios maintained loud and clear communications, in challenging conditions.

Case 1 – House fire with +400C temperatures
In a training exercise staged by Vordingborg Fire Brigade, Sepura’s STP8000 was put through its paces while directly exposed to the heat from flames at a house fire.

Officers outside the house could hear every word during the trial, even when the temperature of the fire passed 400C and the plastic of the radio’s antenna started to soften.

The test demonstrated the radio’s ruggedness and build quality, illustrating how the radio is able to withstand these particularly challenging circumstances.

Case 2 – Stena Saga ferry
The Stena Saga cruise ferry carries 2,000 passengers and 510 cars between the Danish port of Fredrikshavn and the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Fredrikshavn Fire Brigade has to be ready and equipped to handle any fire emergency on the ferry. An exercise was conducted to assess the performance of the STP8000 in communicating throughout the decks of the ship, from the bridge right down to the depths of the hull.

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