Damm’s TetraFlex® System chosen by Eindhoven Airport to support Corporate Growth Strategy

Damm’s TetraFlex System chosen by Eindhoven Airport to support Corporate Growth Strategy

Damm’s TetraFlex System was chosen by Eindhoven Airport for their migration from analog to digital radio communication. The project was secured through DAMM’s partner in Netherland, Flash Services.

With a growth from 200,000 to over 2 million passengers over a 10-year period, the International Eindhoven Airport is expanding significantly and expects to be able to handle more than 5 million passengers over the coming 10 years. Growth such as this imposes big challenges to ensure the daily coordination, security and efficiency in the dynamic airport environment and gives considerable demands on both the organisation and its communication equipment.

To meet those challenges, Eindhoven Airport took the decision to replace its conventional analog radio system with the TETRA based TetraFlex System from DAMM to improve security and enable better voice and data services throughout the airport.

Edu Mets, Product Manager from Flash Services states: “The choice for TetraFlex was easy to make, since it was clear that TetraFlex could easily meet the very specific requirements presented by the airport management. It was clear to us that the costumer was seeking a very flexible and reliable solution that was easy to adapt, integrate and extend with least impact on daily operations. A request which was fully met by DAMMs IP-based TetraFlex solution that enables easy configuration, integration and installation making the system operational within a few hours. In addition to this, capacity can easily be extended by adding an extra base station on site without interrupting the system in operation, making the whole concept extremely flexible, timesaving and yet practical for a challenging working environment as in Eindhoven Airport”.

Thanks to the new solution the efficiency in the daily tasks is now optimized with security staff, airport operations, ground staff, catering, cleaning, information desk, pre-check and military police now connected to the very same telecommunication platform.

Mr. Fons Latour, the Head of Commercial Services & Corporate Communications, comments “Continued growth will impose demands on our communication equipment, which has to be increasingly professional. People may be used to working in a certain way, but communication levels are increasing all the time, along with the number of messages, so there is a need for greater specification. The switch from analogue to digital was a good move. The step-by-step introduction and supervision by Flash during the migration was extremely important to us. And another advantage of a digital system is that it is no longer possible for others to listen in to the sometimes sensitive messages communicated at airports”.

Flash Services has worked with DAMMs TetraFlex since 2006 and is a leading provider of wireless solutions within private, commercial and petro-chemical markets in the Netherlands.

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