DAMM’s TetraFlex® infrastructure plays in the first division

DAMM’s TetraFlex infrastructure plays in the first division

February 2009

At the end of 2008, German first division football team Hannover 96 brought its new communication system in the AWD Arena into commission. The TetraFlex radio infrastructure from DAMM offered a fully integrated communication platform for everyone concerned with running the team. For the first time, from the security team to the Fanshop, all users were able to access fast and resilient radio communications, with reliable coverage across the entire stadium. Following an extensive test phase, the new solution was enabled via the German systems partner, ATS Elektronik GmbH. Decisive factors in choosing the TetraFlex radio system included its outstanding cost-to-performance ratio, the simplicity of installation, its extensive scalability – which allowed for future growth in demand – and easy integration with existing systems; for example, the telephone network. In addition, the bespoke TetraFlex concept required fewer operational resources, while also reducing training and external servicing needs.

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