DAMM’s TetraFlex in operation for region wide network for St. Petersburg city and North West region of Russia

During 2010 and 2011 the biggest region wide TETRA network in the North West Federal region of Russia has been deployed with DAMM’s TetraFlex® infrastructure, with Tetrasvyaz Consortium as the operator of the network.

The network consists of a 32 site TetraFlex® network, and is currently covering the St. Petersburg city and the surrounding regions in North West Russia region, close to 50,000 sq.km. The installed network capacity counts 20,000 subscribers and is prepared for a capacity of up to 65,000 subscribers. It services public safety, government agencies and a wide range of commercial and industrial users.

Tetrasvyaz was appointed by the St.Petersburg Government to operate a uniformed TETRA communications system covering all public citywide emergency agencies, such as Ambulance and Emergency services, Police, Healthcare facilities, Utility services, St. Petersburg Authorities and the regional Civil Defence, with over 3,000 subscribers.

Also a mobile solution for rapid response services in rural areas is deployed.

The mobile solution is possible due to the light weight and small dimensions of the TetraFlex® IP65 protected outdoor base station. The mobile solution can be switched on in few minutes, and is communicating with the rest of the system via a satellite channel.

“Tetrasvyaz is devoted to continous improvement of technical features and in its systems, always trying to expand services and functionalities of their equipment. We chose innovative solutions which comply with high international standards of reliability.” says president of Tetrasvyaz Consortium, Mr. Moldavanov. “For the Noth West region, Tetrasvyaz chose the solution from their European partner, Damm Cellular Systems. DAMM’s TetraFlex® was chosen due to its feature rich, easy deployable and cost efficient solution. The fully distributed IP network architecture and full redundancy of the system, gives the highest reliability and no single point of failure”

All Public Transport covering St. Petersburg, including “Taxi 068”, is also serviced by the network, with applications supporting such as the dispatch control centre, signalling control, electronic passenger timetables, telemetry and much more.

In addition, a long range of commercial and industrial companies are today subscribing to the TETRA services from Tetrasvyaz, such as production sites (i.e. the General Motors Plant in Shushary), several taxi companies, private security companies and more. The TETRA network has been in action for several major sports events and international political conferences, such as the Annual International Economical Forum, Red Wings Event and more.

The network infrastructure is equipped with a combination of in- and outdoor TetraFlex® Base Stations, with Dispatchers optimized for Russian speaking users, LogServers, Packet Data services and other options. As an important feature for the technical experts from TetraSvyaz, they express: “when deploying additional base stations to the network, we do not need to interrupt operation of existing active users on the network.

Moritz Hynkemejer, Sales Director at DAMM comments: “Since entering the strategic alliance with Tetrasvyaz, the feature rich and easy scalable concept of the TetraFlex® Infrastructure together with the highly professional radio communication and application expertise from Tetrasvyaz has proven to be the excellent foundation for providing safe and reliable radio communications networks in Russia. We are proud being able to support the St. Petersburg Government in their goal to achieve increased safety as well as operational and economical efficiency for the St. Petersburg Region.”


Issued by Bettina L. Johannsen,
Marketing Manager
Damm Cellular Systems

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