DAMM’s TetraFlex® chosen for Public Safety in Lodi, Italy

DAMM’s TetraFlex chosen for Public Safety in Lodi, Italy

The communication specialist GEG Telecomunicazioni, a System Partner of DAMM, has successfully completed the handover of a comprehensive TetraFlex multi site solution for the emergency service (118) in the province of Lodi in the Lombardy Region. Thanks to the TetraFlex multi site system the Rescue Service can now rely on a state-of- the-art Tetra solution for its mission critical communication throughout the entire province.

The TetraFlex Multi Site solution fully integrates with several other systems at the Centre of Operation. To meet the extensive requirements a seamless integrated system including VoIP PBX, interface to the existing Ericcson MD110 PBX and several VPN-connections on an MPLS network for telephone connection of the entire emergency service organization, including offices at all decentralized locations. In total more than 20 dispatcher stations are supported – 5 in the Centre of Operation, all with cartography and GPS localization system.

The TetraFlex solution also provides for the integrated recording of all data and voice communication based on the TetraFlex Log Server.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a fully integrated solution based on the second-to-none Tetra products of DAMM and our own vast experience within the field of system integration and project management. The provision of fully integrated, reliable and resilient communication systems within short deadlines and without any unwanted surprises is now proven accessible for all authorities responsible for Public Safety” Mr. W. Gotti, Managing Director &, CEO of GEG Telecomunicazioni states.

For the fleet of emergency vehicles an advanced solution comprised by Sepura radios, a rugged Vehicle PC with touch screen and the GEG Micom.net Mobile software is deployed. This enables the crew of the rescue vehicle to efficiently carry out their missions as dispatched from the Centre of Operations where the GEG Micom.net software solution plays a key role.

“The entire project is yet another example of how the integration of DAMM’s TetraFlex products with the GEG solutions, hardware and software, make a complete and efficient communication system possible. The flexibility, versatility and the completeness of the GEG solution using the TetraFlex Multi Site system, allowed GEG to reach the record of 80 TETRA systems installed on the national territory, placing our Company at the first place in term of number of TETRA systems realized in Italy.”, Mr. W. Gotti concludes.

“Being established as leading supplier of mission critical communication to sectors such as Public Utilities, Industries and Transportation it is very encouraging now to experience how authorities worldwide responsible for Public Safety increasingly values the unique offerings of our TetraFlex products.”, Per Skovsund, Director of Systems Business DAMM states.

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