DAMM’s TetraFlex® chosen by world leading Off-Shore Contractor

DAMM’s TetraFlex chosen by world leading Off-Shore Contractor

With Damm’ s TetraFlex TETRA Infrastructure the need for highly flexible and reliable communication has been met at Heerema Zwijndrecht BV, a world leading marine contractor in the offshore oil and gas industry. The project was delivered by DAMM’s partner Flash Services in Netherland, who with its extensive experience in TETRA is specialized in customized solutions and services ranging from planning and commissioning to service and maintenance of complete solutions.
Communication is vitally important at the Heerema Zwijndrecht BV shipyard. During the busiest stages of dismantling a drilling platform, there could be 1,200 workers on an 15 hectare site. Work involves installations covering dozens of metres in height and length and weighing thousands of tonnes. Quick and reliable communication is essential to efficient and safe procedures.

“Flexibility is what has made this company big”, says yard coordinator Bart Pluijmers. “The scope of activities can rapidly expand or shrink. Consequently, the need for communication tools likewise varies significantly.”
Thus, the highly flexible TetraFlex solution was an obvious choice, when the old communication system was to be replaced.

At Heerema, the TETRA communication plays an important role in the transport of equipment, plant and manufacturing facilities, security operations, and communications involving crane operators as well as Emergency Assistance Crew members. When new groups of employees (dispatched by clients or external fitters) temporarily join the team, it is important for them to be able to be included in the communication system without any difficulties.

According to account manager Marcel Koelewijn from Flash Services, the TetraFlex was made for modern enterprises like Heerema. “First, there is the speed; in certain situations, one second can be extremely long. Then you’ve got the myriad of additional options, for example setting up a temporary telephone line or sending text messages. But also because it is so easy to add and delete groups of new users, as well as consolidate user groups in case of emergency.”

Area Manager Khaled A. Karim from DAMM states: “Again TetraFlex has proven to be the perfect answer to the specific demands at working places where safety and business has to go hand in hand. It is simply the missing link in a harsh working environment”

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