DAMM secured communication during World Championships in Kazan

The TetraFlex® system from DAMM provided secure and reliable TETRA radio communications during the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan – the largest international aquatic sports event.

The 16th FINA World Championships was held in Kazan, Russia on July 24 to August 9, 2015. It brought together more than 2,400 athletes and 1,800 officials representing 190 nations. Athletes from five continents competed for a record number of medal events (75) in 6 aquatic sports ranging from swimming, diving, open water swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo to high diving.

Intelligent decentralized network with built-in applications
DAMM provided a 16 site TetraFlex® system with an intelligent decentralized network design and full redundancy, as well as the built-in applications from DAMM, including the Dispatcher and Log Server. The infrastructure was built using the compact and rugged IP65 encapsulated outdoor base station, and provided TETRA coverage for more 1000 radios. Users included the Directorat of the games, Emergency response, Police, Security, Ambulance, Press, Power Distribution company and other demanding customers. The TETRA system was integrated into the Emergency and Fast Response Center, providing location data to the emergency Dispatchers. 

From Olympics 2013 to World Championships 2015 
The DAMM TetraFlex® system was initially selected and installed for the 27th World University Summer Olympics in Kazan in 2013. When Kazan was awarded to host the 16th FINA World Championships the choice for reliable critical radio communication was easy. The proven track record from DAMM secured the successful World Championships 2015, where 12 world records and 7 championship records were broken.

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