DAMM provides enhanced safety for Moscow Metro

DAMM provides enhanced safety for Moscow Metro

DAMM’s TetraFlex system was chosen by Moscow Metro to provide a secure and reliable communication system for enhanced safety and improved operational efficiency. The project was secured through DAMM’s local partner in Russia; Integra Pro Co.

Moscow Metro was opened in 1935. Today, its 12 lines cover 301.2 km and 182 stations and carry between 7-9 million passengers a day, making Moscow Metro the second most heavily used rapid transport system in the world.

Continuous growth in passenger numbers and regular track extensions place high demands on both safety and operational efficiency. What is more, the technologies chosen to meet those demands need to be flexible enough to meet changing requirements in the future.

A top-quality, highly reliable radio communication system is essential and plays many roles. Potential security threats and more routine emergency situations create a demand for safe and reliable communication interoperability between different emergency agencies, including the police, rescue and security services. In addition, efficient staff management and control helps increase day-to-day efficiency, while passenger services are improved through passenger information delivered via data transfer.

After investigating all available technologies, Moscow Metro found TETRA to be the most suitable technology to meet their requirements for security, reliability and flexibility in terms of changing future communication demands. As a result, Moscow Metro recently decided to upgrade their current system of mixed technologies with the integrated TETRA-based TetraFlex communication system from Damm Cellular Systems.

The special features of Damm’s TetraFlex solution were able to meet all the demanding technical requirements of Moscow Metro, ranging from harsh operating conditions to fail-safe reliability:

IP65 protected housing allowed installation within limited spaces in tunnels under harsh environmental conditions, with extremely high temperature and humidity levels

  • The system’s distributed network architecture answered the need for no single point of failure
  • TetraFlex ensures channel availability and accessibility during emergency situations
  • Secure, reliable low-noise TETRA communications
  • Easy installation and limitless expansion potential thanks to the 100% IP-based network
  • Full component redundancy
  • Low power consumption of base stations

Moscow Metro is currently investigating extending the use of the TETRA system to include train control and telemetry data transfers.

TETRA has proved its value in providing highly resilient, functionally rich mission-critical voice and data communication in hundreds of implementations worldwide. Today, TETRA communication technology is known and respected within railways and metro systems across the globe.

Damm Cellular Systems have supplied TETRA communication solutions for a wide range of projects within the transport sector. The experience acquired in the course of these projects has made DAMM a specialist provider in this sector.

DAMM’s TetraFlex system offers a wide range of advanced integrated software tools. These include dispatcher solutions, network management tools, voice and data logging and replay facilities, as well as an advanced API solution for easy integration with third party applications.

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