DAMM partners with Cartel on the Canadian market

Based on a growing demand for TETRA technology by North American LMR customers it has been a strategic priority by DAMM to make TetraFlex® available for Canadian as well as US customers in close cooperation with local partners.  

For the Canadian market DAMM is proud to announce the partnership with Cartel Communication Systems Inc. Louise Falster-Hansen, Area Manager, DAMM says: A key selector, when searching for a local partner in Canada, has been a heavy foundation of technical knowledge within radio technology as well as substantial reference projects as system providers in various market segments. DAMM believes that Cartel Communication Systems Inc. represents all of this and we are looking forward to working with Cartel in the future”   

Dave Sanche, President and CEO, of Cartel Communication Systems commented:  “Our clients expect the best from us, including products and services that are capable of meeting the rigors of the most demanding professional applications. TETRA has become a very important technology internationally, bridging voice, operational data transfer and machine to machine communications. We have a unique capability to bring the many benefits of what TETRA has to offer to the Canadian industrial wireless communications community.  Cartel is proud to have been selected in such a key role with DAMM.  We are excited by the capabilities of the DAMM product range and are encouraged by the interest that has been expressed by those who we have the privilege of assisting in planning radio networks of the future.

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